Roland Emmerich to attempt to destroy earth once more with MOONFALL

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It would appear that despite the lukewarm reviews and reception that Independence Day: Resurgence is getting, that director Roland Emmerich’s appetite for world destruction has not yet dampened. After Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and 2012, he is again attempting to plot the world’s destruction in another move, this time called Moonfall.

And no, this is not some James Bond spy codename, this is pretty much as obvious as it gets – as the movie will see the moon threatening to literally fall onto the Earth. Emmerich has pulled some strange science out of his hat to try and explain his global destruction before, but this could take the cake. And although I’m sure the US will find some way of stopping that from happening or blowing the thing up, I would not be surprised if a nice part of the moon falls squarely on the White House to flatten it, because that’s what Emmerich does. No political subtleties in these movies.


Universal has apparently dropped a 7 figure sum on the spec script already, which was written by Emmerich along with 2012 co-writers Harald Kloser and Spencer Cohen. So they obviously seem excited by its potential and believe that it can work. Mind you, almost every time Emmerich tries to destroy the world, people show up at cinemas to watch it, so perhaps they’re onto something.

I really believe Emmerich has potential as a director, but I’ve long grown tired of him relying on the same antics in repeatedly trying to destroy the planet. I’m hoping for once the planet loses this time and Emmerich can finally be at peace and move on to something more exciting. Though, with a potential Independence Day sequel in the works, perhaps he is looking to start wiping out other planets instead… We can only hope.

Last Updated: June 29, 2016

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