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Every clue and secret in that first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Spider-Man Homecoming! More like Spider-Man Homerun, AMIRITE? The first trailer has finally gone live for the return of the wallcrawler, and it looks so damn good that it may just remind you that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 doesn;t exist. Please, please let the rest of this re-reboot erase that turkey from my mind.

Anyway, great trailer, plenty of clues. Let’s see what we can dig up.

Spidey (1)

Oh Peter, what have you done now? Here’s what appears to be a scene from a schooltrip to Washington DC, with what appears to be ending with Parker having scaled the top of the Washington Monument while in pursuit of a villain or several. And as you’d imagine, the police don’t take too kindly to seeing arachnid-themed superheroes climbing all over their treasured memorial to Bill Clinton’s time spent in the Oval office.

Looks like this Spider-Man is well on his way to accidentally setting himself up as a public menace, especially when a certain newspaper publisher gets word of these shenanigans.

Spidey (2)

Earlier this week, news spread that the costume that Spidey would be wearing would have a few tricks up its sleeves. Looks like those rumours were right, because this is one suit that has a backup built into it in case Parker finds himself out of web-fluid mid-swing: Web-pits! I love that this costume is directly inspired by the original ideas that Steve Ditko had when he designed Spider-Man. Timeless stuff.

Spidey (3)

Apparently Spider-Man: Homecoming will be out on July 7 next year. Don’t ask me how I know this.

Spidey (4)

And back to New York City! If there’s one character who represents the big apple best, it’s easily Spider-Man.

Spidey (5)

Specifically the Queens borough, if you remember that little exchange that Spidey had when Captain America dropped a few tons of airport equipment on top of him during Civil War.

Spidey (9)

Spider-man, Spider-Man, does whatever a crime-fighting spider can! Specifically, looking as chilled as can be as some criminals are about to learn the hard way that you stay out of Queens when Spidey is around.

Spidey (10)

Lest you get a dose of his trademark wit…

Spidey (11)

And Spidery abilities in one briefly awesome scene. Spidey is still clearly new to all of this, and I’m loving that the excitement that Tom Holland is bringing to these scenes.

Spidey (12)

But what I’m loving even more is that this Spider-Man is just a kid. He’s not a seasoned photojournalist, scientist or CEO of a major company as he is in the comics now. Just a regular socially inept high school kid with adolescent problems on his mind, as he sits with best pal played by Jacob Batalon.

Spidey (13)

And here’s Zendaya as Michelle Laura Harrier as Michelle, the current love of Spidey’s love. Better not stare too long!

Spidey (14)

“You guys are losers,” says (I think) Laura Harrier’s Zendaya’s Liz Allen. Who is clearly an intellectual genius, judging by the fact that she has several science books near her and a fancy cup of tea.

Spidey (15)

Spider-Man and Iron Man. A perfect example of a mentor and a promising protege. There’s a lot of potential that Tony Stark sees in Peter, that is a reflection of himself. A massive amount of intelligence and a desire to good for starters. Stark learnt a hard lesson in that Afghanistan cave about power and responsibility, something in the comics that he saw echoes of in Spider-Man, resulting in him taking the wallcrawler under his wing to guide him towards becoming an even better hero.

And it’s little moments like this, that gives Spidey the father figure he never had, especially after the devastating loss of his Uncle Ben.

Spidey (16)

“This isn’t a hug, I’m just getting the door for you,” in case you thought that Tony wasn’t still a bit of a jerkass.

Spidey (17)

Now here’s the thing about being Spider-Man: It’s a bit of a lonely job. Tom Holland is clearly selling this scene brilliantly, of being an ostracised youth who can accomplish feats of the amazing variety but can’t tell anyone about them. That kind of sucks when you’re in high school, which is the most savage time in anyone’s life if they can’t find a way to stand out amongst their peers.

Spidey (18)

Even worse? Is that after fighting a rogue team of Avengers in Civil War and jetting off to Germany, Peter finds himself questioning what he wants to do with his life when he finds himself back in New York, a facet of the character that the production promises will be explored in Homecoming.

Spidey (6)

And now it’s time for the villains. Superheroes, meet super-crime. You won’t see it in the regular trailer, but the international trailer has Michael Keaton alluding to upping the crime game by outfitting his gang with some sweet new superweapons. The energy sources on these particular tools looks downright…cosmic. Could these be repurposed weapons from the Chitauri invasion seen in The Avengers, or possibly linked to an Infinity Stone?

Spidey (7)

I’m loving the look of these weapons so far. They’re ugly, their internals are exposed and they look like they were cobbled together in a workshop with makeshift tools by a madman. Great visual design here.

Spidey (8)

And they’re also incredibly singular in their designs! It’d be a pity if a certain wallcrawler were to run afoul of a gang using them.

Spidey (19)

Always ready for action, Holland’s Spidey is keeping that snug costume on at all times. I hope it allows him to breathe a bit.

Spidey (20)

Superweapons in the hands of criminals. Spidey is going to have his work cut out for him when he attempts to track this gang down before they can get away.

Spidey (21)


Spidey (22)

Star Wars reference here! Ned Leeds, astonished by the revelation that Peter is Spider-Man, drops a LEGO Death Star.

Spidey (23)

See, now this is what I appreciate: Actual comic book costume physics. Do you know how long it takes to get a regular Spider-Man cosplay costume on, what with those zippers and having to squeeze into one of them? AGES! But Hollands costume appears to be made of a material that can shrink and expand at the touch of a spider-symbol, making suiting up easier than ever.

None of this matters probably, because most of you are still staring at your screen and swooning at Holland’s muscles, aren’t you?

Spidey (24)

Back to Washington, and here’s a scene of Spidey scaling the Washington Monument again.

Spidey (25)

Probably so that he can stop whatever crime is going on inside, while keeping his identity safe from his classmates who are presumably trapped inside with the criminals.

Spidey (26)

Finally, a proper shot of Michael Keaton’s Vulture! Those wings are MASSIVE, but his entire setup is intimidating. Huge wings with engines running hot…

Spidey (27)

…and talons that looks like they could shred a wallcrawler to ribbons.

Spidey (28)

I’m loving the helmet design however. Keaton is using what looks like a USAF helmet with its own oxygen supply, but its the goggles underneath which are utterly terrifying with those green eyes. The fur-trimmed jacket however? That’s a fantastic touch, and another nod back to his original appearance when Steve Ditko designed the character.

Keaton’s Vulture looks badass and terrifying, despite having no super-powers whatsoever.

Spidey (29)

And Tony clearly doesn’t want Peter involved with any attempt to take on the Vulture. He’ll get right on that. Probably. Just as soon as he finally finds Captain America and the rest of the rogue Avengers who are on the run.

Spidey (30)

It’s not just the Vulture who’ll be plaguing Spider-Man, but also…The Shocker! That’s Christopher Berry there dressed as the usual Herman Schultz version of the character, but we’ve also seen some rumblings that it will in fact be Bokeem Woodbine who gets to play the titular punching bag for Spidey.

Spidey (31)

Just a fantastic shot of Holland here, most likely having to balance a double-life by keeping secrets from the people that he loves the most. Although I’m still wondering where he keeps that cellphone when he’s out web-swinging.

Spidey (32)

Michael Keaton in his Vulture gear: Absolutely intimidating. But with the stuff off? Perhaps even more terrifying, as he sends Peter a clear message. “Don’t mess with me. Because I will kill you and everybody you love.”

Spidey (33)

I’ll hazard a guess that this scene takes place near the finale of Homecoming, near the Coney Island attraction. Note the damaged left wing of the Vulture here.

Spidey (34)

Although Spidey isn’t doing too well either, having barely just managed to ground Keaton’s villain. Check all the damage around him as well, as it looks like the Vulture has more than just sharp claws with which to do some destruction with.

Spidey (36)

Like all of that equipment he scavenged, which he’s more than ready to put to good use.

Spidey (37)

Such as sinking the Staten Island Ferry and everyone on board as well, without a moment’s hesitation.

Spidey (38)

Tobey Maguire, eat your heart out. Because you may have stopped a subway train from smashing in Spider-Man 2, but this Spider-Man is going to make full use of all the proportionate strength of a spider that he has to keep an entire ship from going under the water!

Spidey (39)

And here’s one last fantastic shot from the trailer, as Spider-Man and Iron Man engage in a titanic team-up! I see the Iron Man armour is very much still the Bleeding Edge design used in Civil War, but that’s still one hell of a fantastic scene to end this first trailer on. And I can’t wait to see the rest of it in July.

Last Updated: December 9, 2016


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      And 2 Days before my B-Day!!


  2. Mark Treloar

    December 9, 2016 at 13:14

    Some errors.

    Laura Harrier = Liz Allan = incorrect image
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    Spider on the suit looks more like a Scarab Beetle.


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    • MonsterCheddar

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  4. Captain JJ

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    Wait, so is Birdman then actually set AFTER Spider-Man homecoming, with Keaton being Vulture and all?


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    I’m so ready for this


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