Everything should be subtitled in this trailer for Netflix's new animated comedy series PACIFIC HEAT

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It really seems like decidedly adult-orientated animated comedies have been coming out with increasing regularity over the last few years – for which the highlight for me has to be FX’s Archer. Netflix have also gotten into the game with BoJack Horseman, and now they’re expanding with Pacific Heat – an Archer-esque cop satire set in that most criminal of nations, Australia.

The official show synopsis is as follows:

Pacific Heat is an animated comedy series, based on the exploits of a dynamic unit of undercover police investigators working on the glitzy “Gold Coast” of Australia. This glamorous, sophisticated, and sun-drenched paradise masks a hot-bed of crime; everyone from drug smugglers and biker gangs to eco-terrorists and the person who invented frozen yogurt.

In order to tackle this seedy underbelly police authorities established “Pacific Heat.” This covert squad of highly trained operatives technically does not exist (although they do have their own Facebook page), but when criminals strike, “Pacific Heat” will be there; unconventional, uncompromising and unafraid to operate outside the law – provided at least one of them is wearing a fluorescent safety vest.

Warning: The following trailer contains both Australians and their Australian accents, which make pirate accents sound like the most attractive French accent you’ve ever heard by comparison, and should be considered NSF… something. Ears and sanity probably.

Should we really be laughing at a documentary about Australian policing methods? I’d say yes – because Australians should be laughed at every chance you get, and because it looks rather funny too. What I love about shows like these is how they embrace their absurdity and run with it as the gags flow, and Pacific Heat looks to be doing just that.

What do you think?

Pacific Heat‘s 13-episode first season is due to go live on Netflix on 2 December. It’s created by Rob Sitch, Santo Cilauro and Tom Gleisner, who also lend their voice acting talent to the show along with Rebecca Massey and Lucia Mastrantone.


Last Updated: November 17, 2016

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