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Extraction: Go behind the scenes with Chris Hemsworth on “intense” 12-min single-take chase scene

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With Avengers: Endgame earning rave reviews and $2.798 billion last year, Chris Hemsworth is coming off not just the biggest movie of his career, but the biggest movie EVER. That’s a pretty high bar to set, and one that will be incredibly difficult to reach again. So he won’t. At least not in terms of box office earnings as Hemsworth’s next outing is the Netflix action-thriller Extraction. However, just because this isn’t a tentpole blockbuster doesn’t mean it’s skimping on the thrills.

When we covered the first trailer for Extraction, I mentioned that stunt coordinator-turned-first-time-director Sam Hargrave appeared to be pulling off some really cool action cinematography/choreography based on the snippets we see in that preview. Little did I know just how cool that was. In a new featurette, Hemsworth and Hargrave take us behind the scenes of the film’s “oner”, a 12-minute long single take chase sequence that sees Hemsworth’s mercenary Tyler Rake engage in foot chases, fistfights, knife fights, shootouts, and car chases which the actor called “the most intense amount of action I’ve ever done”.

And yes, that is all Hemsworth, as the oner didn’t allow for any cuts to swap out the actor with a stuntman. Not that there wasn’t some crazy stuntman right there though, as the featurette also shows “daredevil director” Hargrave himself going to extreme lengths – including being strapped to the front of a speeding car – to get the footage needed for the impressive sequence.

This upcoming film actually sees Hemsworth reteam with the Russo brothers, his directors on the recent Avengers films, but they’re just scripting and producing. Based on what I’m seeing here though, it looks like the director’s seat is in good hands with Hargrave.

Extraction is set to debut on Netflix next week Friday, 24 April 2020.

Last Updated: April 16, 2020

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