Extras! 007 wants the whole truth, Bruce Willis is a labour of love, eGad who is the Thing and more!

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Extras-bullet-points-micro3 I see dead careers. Yep, it looks like Bruce Willis and M Night Cha’mone are teaming up once again for Labour of Love, which is based off of one of the first ever scripts that Shyamalan ever sold. Production kicks off in mid-September, and stars Willis play a Philadelphia book store owner who loses the love of his life in a tragic accident.

Determined to prove his undying love for her, Willis sets out to walk across the entire US of A. The twist here is that there probably is no actual twist. What a twist!

Extras-bullet-points-micro3 Robocop the reboot the movie the inevitable comparison is almost ready for release. Which means that now is the perfect time to dip into seven Robocop facts that you may not have known about. Dead or alive, these facts may surprise you. Probably.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3 Evidently not happy with his current lack of Vitamin James Bond in his life, actor Daniel Craig will now be searching for The Whole Truth. Another espionage thriller, The Whole Truth will see Craig doing something that probably involves a court room, which he may or may not be capable of handling.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3 Here’s a new poster for 22 Jump Street, that has a valid point break to make.

22 Jump Street

Extras-bullet-points-micro3 Look at your desktop. It’s so drab, draped in tribal tattoos that not even a redneck mom would have tramp-stamped on her. What you need instead, is a decent new wallpaper culled from the best movies of the last hundred years. And iO9 has a great selection of such wallpapers today, for free.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3 This week. we got a little bit more news regarding the casting of the next Fantastic Four movie. While I still await for an internet hate squad to go nuclear when they discover that a black person is going to portray a fictional comic book character and completely forget that Nick Fury was whiter than a sokkie dance before Samuel L Jackson came along, it’s the role of Benjamin Grimm, the Thing, that intrigues me the most.

Josh Gad was rumoured to be the number one pick, but fortunately, his schedule is far too busy to portray the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed clobberer of Yancy Street. Instead, it looks like the role will be going to…someone else, as Josh Tank has also rubbished rumours linking him to the project.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3 You want to know why comic book fans love Emma Stone so much in the Amazing Spider-Man movies? It’s because they know how Peter Parker’s greatest love story will end. Whether that end arrives in the second or third film is unclear, or even if director Marc Webb had a different fate in store for her. Speaking to Ryan Seacrest, Stone had this to say:

“I think the intention the whole time has been to tell Gwen’s story as closely to the comic as possible. That’s been the director’s idea and the studio’s idea. We’ll see if that comes to fruition.”

My clichéd Hollywood happy ending senses are tingling.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3 Following on form our sneak peek at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles yesterday, comes this new piece of promo art showing off the shell-shocker heroes.Say what you like, I’m personally digging this new look for the half-shell ninja vigilantes. Especially Raphael, who looks like he eats Foot Clan ninjas for breakfast.


Extras-bullet-points-micro3 Ever since the Matrix wrapped up, its various stars have left to pursue different paths in life. Keanu Reeves has continued to be absolutely terrible in every single movie that he has been in since, while Laurence Fishburne can find work wherever he wants. And it looks like ol’ Morpheus ain;t too picky about which role he chooses next, as he takes viewers down the rabbit hole into a luxurious new Matrix. With extra opera!


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Last Updated: January 30, 2014

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