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Extras! 08 May 2014

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

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  • Sally Field is like the granny we all would love to have. She’s kind, graceful, funny and can apparently also swear Julia Roberts under the table and back out the other side. Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel had the two ladies participant in his inaugural Celebrity Curse Off event, and boy does Mrs Field have a mouth on her. Also, Julia Roberts can’t understand rules.

As soon as I get the uncensored version of this clip, I’ll toss it up.

  • To paraphrase Amy Poehler and Tina Fey at this year’s Golden Globes, “Yabba dabb do it over and over again until people are sick of it!” Yep, Warner Bros are busy developing a new full-length animated feature film based on classic Hanna Barbera cartoon, The Flintstones. Chris Henchy is penning the script. He’s the same guy , who wrote The Campaign (BOO!) and The Other Guys (YAY!), so make of that what you will. The last time The Flintstones were on the big screen was in the just okay-ish 1994 live-action version starring John Goodman and Rick Moranis, and then in its absolutely dismal sequel in 2000. Let’s hope WB can yabba dabba do better than that.
  • Poster of the Day: The Quiet Ones Asian poster


  • Did you know that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are a real life couple? That would probably go a long way to explain their on-screen chemistry. Just a pity that that chemistry doesn’t extend to their kissing technique, as this funny SNL skit shows.

  • Speaking of The Amazing Spider-Man 2… Look, I’m not the biggest fan of the film, and it’s received some very valid criticism, but some of the haters out there are now taking things just a tad bit too far. A man in India has started a petition on Change.org demanding a director’s cut of the movie, which would include scenes reportedly cut from the movie (like all of Shailene Woodley’s Mary Jane stuff). Because, yes, clearly what the massively overstuffed The Amazing Spider-Man 2 needs to fix it, is more narrative threads.
  • Auteur Gaspar Noe doesn’t make easy to watch movies (see: Irreversible and Enter the Void), but that may change with his next pic, Love, “a sexual melodrama about a boy and a girl and another girl… a love story, which celebrates sex in a joyous way”. Where’s the “easy to watch” part come in? Well, apparently this movie “will give guys a hard-on and make girls cry”. Groovy.
  • The Star Wars prequels rarely get any love, and justifiably so as they do pale in comparison to the original trilogy. However, they do have their standout moments, particularly starting from Episode II: Attack of the Clones, which had that kickass Jedi vs Droid army battle, Mace Windu being a badass and Natalie Portman looking real fine in a midriff (hey, it had to be said!). But then you get to the horrifically acted, kinda stalkerish Hayden Christensen parts, as this Honest Trailer definitely points out.

  • Vaya con dios, man! Gerard Butler has dropped out of the Point Break remake, in which he would have played adrenalin junkie turned bank robber Bodhi, a role originally made famous by the late Patrick Swayze. Apparently Butler has left the building due to “creative differences”, which wasn’t helped by a shooting scheduling conflict with his Olympus Has Fallen sequel, London Has Fallen. With Butler out, the remake – which also stars Luke Bracey and Ray Winston – has lost quite a bit of its box office potential.
  • Looks like The Mummy has lost its daddy. Andy Muschetti was supposed to helm Universal’s reboot of their classic horror movie franchise, but the Mama director (man, he sure loves movies with maternal titles) has apparently pulled out of the gig due to creative differences. Anybody else suddenly get feeling of deja vu?!
  • Normally when guys with personal issues dress up in skin-tight, full body leather outfits, it’s for some very kinky reasons. And apparently Batman is no different, as all he can think about is the freaky sex he and Talia al Ghul had.

Extras! 08 May 2014 5

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