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  • In case you were wondering, you’re all going to die eventually, our country is being run by an oddly-shaped moron, the Andromeda galaxy will devour the Milky Way within a few billion years and Santa Claus is dead or at least being detained in a Guantanamo Bay prison cell. I say all this, because apparently Grumpy Cat movie made over $100 million since going viral two years ago. Thanks to strong movie ticket sales, merchandising and public appearances, he curmudgeonly cat is now swimming in enough cash to put a smile of the face of any feline.
  • And the Suicide Squad casting goes on! With big names such as Margot Robbie, Will Smith and Jai Courtney attached, the cast is going to need someone to keep them in line. And that someone is Viola Davis, as she’ll be playing the black ops handler Amanda Waller in the upcoming film. Hopefully, she’ll go easy on the method acting and not insert nanite bombs into the cast while they sleep. Actually…
  • Poster Of The Day: How To Train Your Dragon



  • There’s a  couple of things that a new Star Wars film has to include in every outing. The Force. Merchandising opportunities. Midgets. And of course, rather silly names. The Force Awakens will have its fair share of such cosmic examples of parents hating their children from birth, but add another name to that list as it looks like Gwendoline Christie’s character will in fact be named after an action figure line, and will be known as Captain Phasma in the film.
  • It’s been a long time since anyone has publicly admitted that they want to see an Adam Sandler movie, but 2015 might be the year for his name to be uttered again. Pixels is the name of the game, or the film based on a game at least. Or a film based on a Futurama episode which was based on several games. Anyway, that film will be bringing several old school characters back to life. And what better way to do so, than with some fresh posters? There’s a bunch more at this link, but here’s our favourite one so far:


  • Here are 9 things that you didn’t know about Home Alone. Including the hidden tenth fact that Nick makes the same scream that Marv does, when he sees cake on sale:

  • Bond movies typically tend to follow a certain formula. Bond escapes from danger, a pop star sings a song, new gadgets are shown and a double entendre is sledge-hammered into sex. Well that synopsis pales in comparison to what Seth Myers has to say, as he wraps up every Bond movie ever made in one succinct breakdown:

  • IMAX is big for movies. But is it even bigger for their profits? It might very well be, as Christopher Nolan’s latest epic Interstellar has made over $100 million worldwide since November 5. To put that into perspective, that’s an entire Grumpy Cat franchise of profits right there. Or to put that into a more relevant perspective, that’s a  total that few other films can boast about. Interstellar now joins a list of rich kid IMAX films such as James Cameron’s Avatar, The Dark Knight Rises and Gravity.
  • Phil Lord. Chris Miller. Between the two of them, they’ve created two fantastic comedy movies starring Jonah Hill and Tatum, made Lego awesome and given us hope for future Ghostbuster movies. Well now you can add something else to that winning list, as the duo have also now created the very best trailer for a Young Adult movie of all time, starring none other than Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher.


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Last Updated: December 17, 2014

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