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Extras! 21 November 2014

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

  • I guess you could say that no one told Star Lord that his life was gonna be this way. *CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP* His job’s a joke, he’s broke and his love life is DOA. Luckily, though he has some friends known as the Guardians of the Galaxy to help him out.

  • Acclaimed comic book writer and widely recognized British madman Warren Ellis’ Global Frequency comic book mini-series always seemed perfectly suited for TV adaptation, and after years of Ellis trying to make that happen – it’s had two failed pilot attempts already – it looks like somebody else is finally realizing the same thing. Producer extraordinaire Jerry Bruckheimer will be spearheading a new adaptation that has now got a commitment from FOX. Defiance and Farscape director Rockne S. O’Bannon will be penning the adaptation, which deals with the titular Global Frequency, a covert, privately funded organization that specializes in stopping global catastrophes, run by the mysterious Miranda Zero. The seemingly tireless Zero runs a network of 1001 operatives across the world which she selectively activates and coordinates based on what skills are required at the time. Ellis’ original series ran for 12 issues with each one focusing on different calamity with different operatives.

“You know there’s a film called Fight Club, my friends, and you know what the first rule is, don’t you? Nuff said.”

  • Poster of the day: Nightcrawler


  • Matt Smith may be best known for being a Doctor (and the greatest one at that, if you ask me), but looks like he’s now ready to try his hand at being a patient. The former Doctor Who star will be joining Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer for Patient Zero, an upcoming new zombie-thriller from Screen Gems. The flick is set “in a post-outbreak zombie apocalypse and follows the adventures of one man who has the unique ability to speak with the undead and who hopes to use his gift to discover a cure for the plague and his infected wife.”

If I didn’t know any better, I would guess that was just an episode synopsis for a new adventure of Doctor Who!

  • How’s this for a totally unexpected rumour: The usually reliable guys at SchmoesKnow report that they’re hearing that Martin Campbell (Goldeneye, Casino Royale, Edge of Darkness) might be directing G.I. Joe 3. Personally, I’m hoping this turns out to be nothing more than some Duke-doo-doo. Campbell is at his first best when the action stays fairly grounded. The last time he tackled a CG heavy blockbuster, we ended up with Green Lantern. True, most of the turdiness of that film was due to the studio just strongarming him into doing whatever they wanted, but every time Campbell has delved into more genre fare the results have been crappy, so why tempt fate again?
  • Speaking of green things, here’s our first look at The Green Room, the second film director Jeremy Saulnier, who just rocketed to stardom with this year’s indie smash hit Blue Ruin, hailed by a few people as the best American thriller in years. The acclaim of that film has allowed him to land Patrick Stewart, to star in his new flick, but this is not the Internet’s lovable older uncle that we’ve come to know and adore. No, here Stewart plays the head of a group of Neo-Nazi skinheads who make life hell for a punk band trapped in a secluded venue, after said band witnesses them getting up to some violence.


  • Great news, everybody! Seeing as how some of you have probably been having sleepless nights wondering what to get me for Christmas, I thought I would just show you: Back To the Future Flux Capacitor Watch that only costs $49! Isn’t that just the most awesome thing ever? Oh, forget roads, where this watch takes you, you don’t clock hands or digital displays!

“Press the bottom button and then get ready to count lights. Time is divided into hours, minutes first digit, minutes second digit – so it looks confusing, but is very easy to read. (Example: 10 lights, 5 lights, 3 lights = 10:53 – and it repeats). At the same time, the time circuit LCD display will show you the date.”


  • Even with his full Marvel schedule, Robert Downey Jr. is apparently still going to find some time for a bout of treasure hunting… IN YOUR MIND!… Or Yucatan. Y’know, one of those two. RDJ’s own Downey Productions has tapped Pirates of the Caribbean writer Terry Rossio to pen a script for Yucatan, for Downey to star in. Interestingly, this movie is based on an idea that legendary actor Steve McQueen was working on in the 1960’s. Upon his death, a gigantic, leather-bound 1700 page treatment for a treasure hunting film about a salvage expert looking for lost Mayan treasure in the Yucatan Peninsula was discovered, which Rossio will merely be using as a jumping-off point to spin out into his adventure. Where it gets interesting, is that this adventure is being described as “mind-bending” and also a “great, wild, kind of action, sort of Inception-type of movie.”

Seeing as Rossio managed to bend a few minds quite well in Tony Scott’s time-travel thriller Deja Vu, this could be quite intriguing.

  • Seeing as how we started off today’s Extras with some Guardians of the Galaxy, we may as well end it with some more. But now we’re going to end it, the way it should have ended.

If you have anything you would like to contribute to Extras, whether it be interesting stories, funny videos, or artistic photos of yourself in morally questionable poses, feel free to drop a mail to kervyn@themovies.co.za.

Last Updated: November 21, 2014

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