Home Entertainment Extras! Arnie will be back, HBO will be Bored to Death, The Rock has a Teddy Bear, Ron Howard heads to Neil Gaiman's Graveyard and Is Man of Steel's Jimmy Olsen a girl?! Plus much more!

Extras! Arnie will be back, HBO will be Bored to Death, The Rock has a Teddy Bear, Ron Howard heads to Neil Gaiman's Graveyard and Is Man of Steel's Jimmy Olsen a girl?! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

What better way to kick off today than a leather bound Gemma Arterton cursing as she fires pistol-like steampunk machine guns and revolving crossbows at spiky faced witches? Actually, everything after “cursing” sounds pretty silly. Nevertheless, here’s the new Red Band mini-trailer for Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, wherein Jeremy Renner also offers some very sage advice to kids suffering from early onset diabetes.

If you were a fan of HBO’s detective\comedy\drama show Bored to Death, you were probably a bit upset when it got cancelled in 2011, leaving viewers hanging on some cliffs. But have no fear, it looks like the abruptly ended adventures of Jonathan (Jason Schwartzman), Ray (Zach Galifianakis) and George (Ted Danson) will continue, as series creator Jonathan Ames is currently working on a script for a feature film followup to the series, to be screened on HBO if it gets the greenlight from the cable network.

This is not really anything we haven’t heard before, but Batman-On-Film have now thrown their own hat in the rumour ring saying that Warner Bros is planning to introduce the new Batman in Justice League before spinning off into solo tales. What is really interesting though, is that they also allude that the inclusion of Henry Cavill’s Superman in the superhero team-up flick is completely dependent on how well Man of Steel does at the box office. In other words, if Zack Snyder’s reboot bombs, then expect somebody else to wearing the red and blue onesie come 2015.

Speaking of Man of Steel, there was already a bit of a tiny (totally ridiculous) uproar when it was announced that the character of Perry White would no longer be… well, white, so I’m expecting that this bit of news would probably result in the same. Superman’s longtime pal and hero for watch-wearing gingers everywhere, Jimmy Olsen, appears to have undergone some changes for the upcoming reboot. Sex changes to be precise.

Actress Rebecca Buller has now been listed on the film’s IMDB page as Jenny Olsen, and as Digital Spies eagle-eyed spies have discovered that the last trailer actually included a shot of Miss Buller (with what looks like it could be a Daily Planet press pass around her neck) running alongside Laurence Fishburne’s Perry White from an explosion in Metropolis.

Justin Bieber’s mother to produce anti-abortion film. Insensitive standup comedians around the world rejoice as joke writes itself.

Variety is reporting that Ray Liotta is the latest actor to join the cast of The Muppets sequel. His character is still being kept under wraps at this moment, but if it was announced that he’d be playing some kind of mobster, it would probably be about as surprising as the fact that Kermit loves eating pork.

Arnold will be back. Probably. While there’s been some recent movement on a fifth Terminator film, the involvement of the franchise’s biggest and most recognizable star has been nothing but a rumour until now. But while doing the promo rounds for the London premier of The Last Stand, Schwarzenegger indicated that he is in some kind of talks to be involved with it. The capacity of his involvement is unclear at this point, but as long as it’s not CG-Ahnuld, I’ll be happy.

Look, I completely understand that some men are just not as manly as we are here at The Movies.co.za (Yes, even Noelle. She does jiu jitsu. She can break you), so its completely OK that your fragile constitutions just didn’t allow for you to sit through that rather hectic first Red Band trailer for Evil Dead. So to cater to you pansies people, here’s the new Green Band version of the trailer, which also contains some new footage to make up for the lack of gratuitous violence.

According to a poll run by Total Film, Jennifer Lawrence and Tom Hiddleston are the sexiest stars in movies right now. Despite what years of pop culture has taught me about their dental hygiene, 6 of the 10 entries on the male list were Brits.

Up until last year, Henry Selick was working on on a new untitled stop-motion film for Disney. Seeing as he was the director of both Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas you would expect that this would be a big deal, but instead Disney chose to rather write off a $50 million loss and cancel the whole thing. Because that made complete sense, of course. The fallout of this, was that Selick’s other project, a stop motion adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, also stopped its motion.

But now there’s some new life in the project, as THR is reporting that veteran director Ron Howard (Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Willow) will be coming on board to direct a live-action version of the ghostly tale, inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.

While Dwayne Johnson’s immediate future appears to be full of shooting big guns, driving fast cars and hitting really sweaty, heavily muscled men (sometimes doing all three at the same time) he’ll soon be back to the family friendly fare as he reteams with his Journey 2: The Mysterious Island producer Beau Flynn for the tentatively titled Teddy Bear. After the ridiculous box office success of Journey 2 ($325 million?! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!), New Line is hoping that the movie will be a four-quadrant franchise starter. As for the film’s story, it actually takes its inspiration from a piece of artwork by Greek artist Alex Panagopoulos that a few you more net-savvy readers probably might come across before.

CBM have drawn up a list of 5 Actors That Should Be Considered for Skeletor in Jon Chu’s He-Man Movie. While their number 4 and 5 picks, Idris Elba and Jason Momoa, are… well, lets not sugarcoat it, those are crap choices, their top 3 are completely on target.

Yeah, I know. Empire Strikes Back is the best of the Star Wars movies. Yadda yadda yadda. Thing is though, there’s something about Return of the Jedi that always made my teenage self appreciate it more. [Insert Leia in a gold bikini joke here]. And now thanks to this hilarious new offering from the guys at How It Should Have Ended, my adult self enjoys it even more.

And finally, check out this newly released image from classic science fiction master piece, Blade Runner. Oh wait, no. That’s actually just Beijing covered in some crazy thick smog.

Last Updated: January 23, 2013

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