Home Entertainment Extras! Channing Tatum is in a bad romance, Daniel Radcliffe goes for gold, Fifty Shades finds it's second man, The Hobbit is covered, and Bill Murray says BOO! Plus much more!

Extras! Channing Tatum is in a bad romance, Daniel Radcliffe goes for gold, Fifty Shades finds it's second man, The Hobbit is covered, and Bill Murray says BOO! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

Last night, folks around the world took the opportunity to dress funny and beg for something to eat. Around here we just call that being crazy and homeless, but apparently the rest of the world calls it Halloween. And to wish everybody a… merry?… happy?… Halloween, here’s everybody’s favourite moustache wearing anchorman, Ron Burgundy!

If there’s one thing we know about Bill Murray, it’s that he ain’t afraid of no ghost. He just doesn’t want to make another movie where he captures them. But it seems he has no problem on being on the opposite side of the ectoplasmic divide though, as Murray has signed to B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations, in which he’ll play the film’s villain, an evil ghost named Addison Drake.

Also joining him and the previously announced Seth Rogen, Melissa McCarthy, Rashida Jones and Matt Bome in the supernatural action comedy about two bumbling ghosts who join the after-life counter-haunting unit, are Jennifer Coolidge as Carol Sue, a bubbly transitions-relations officer and Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer as the tough as nails Sr. B.O.O. officer, Captain Book.

Speaking of Ghostbusters, Dan Aykroyd and (not a Ghostbuster) Jill Scott has joined Get on Up, the James Brown biopic starring Chadwick Boseman as the Godfather of Soul. That’s music soul, not afterlife soul.

Aykroyd has signed on for the role of Ben Bart, the president one of New York’s biggest talent agencies, Universal Attractions, and Brown’s agent for more than 40 years. Scott will play Brown’s wife (which one of the three is not clear), a role that was apparently written specifically for her.

Some of the best and most iconic movie lines of all time actually come from some the scariest/goriest movies ever made, which is why Movies.com have put together this supercut of the Best Horror Movie Quotes.

Looks like Channing Tatum may just be a Lady Gaga fan. No, he’s not started wearing his meat (there’s a dirty joke in there somewhere), but he has found himself in a Bad Romance. Tatum will star in and produce the film which will be directed by Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies, 50/50, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane) from his own screenplay. Just what that screenplay is about is anybody’s guess, but I’m going to guess that Tatum’s character will want somebody’s love and he’ll want their revenge. Also, rah rah ah ah ah. Roma roma ma.

Speaking of Channing Tatum and romance… While their films, with the exception of the first Matrix movie, mostly tend to divide folks, you can definitely put me under the “fan” column for the Wachowski siblings. And their latest, Jupiter Ascending, will probably be no different. We don’t know too much about the flick other than it sees Mila Kunis as a Russian toilet cleaner who discovers she may be the next Queen of the universe and Channing Tatum as the space soldier trying to find her, but Lana Wachowski has shed a little light on the epic scale of the film, a scale they tend to embrace a lot.

“It’s a science-fiction space opera. It has a lot of things from a lot of genres that we love. It’s got a lot of original action, it’s got a lot of romance.”

We seem not to be very good at making small things. We keep saying ‘Let’s go make a small movie.’ But then they always end up being enormously complex. We want to somehow always find something that is different or that no one has tried.”

Empire have revealed 5 new covers for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, which you can check out below, because apparently people still collect magazines based on their covers.

As if Harry Potter needed more gold, Daniel Radcliffe has signed on to play UK sporting icon and four-time Olympic medal winner Sebastian Coe in Gold. Radcliffe will be reteaming with his Woman In Black director James Watkins, while Oscar winner Simon Beaufoy (Slumdog Millionaire) and Will Davies (How to Train Your Dragon) will provide the screenplay.

Coe garnered acclaim as a middle-distance running Olympic champion in both the 1980 and 1984, games, breaking several world records at the time. He turned to politics after his athletic career, and recently rose to fame again after he secured the Olympic Games for London in 2012, which garnered him a BBC Sport Personality of the Year award last year.

Prepare to have your heart suddenly become bigger on the inside, as this ridiculously cute little girl dresses up as all 11 of the  Doctors from Doctor Who for Halloween. Parenting, you’re doing it right.

Jedi are supposed to be the peacekeepers in the Star Wars universe. Can you imagine what it would be like if they were the cops in ours? Yes, it would indeed be kind of funny.

Now that we know who will play Anastasia Steele’s main squeeze (autoerotic asphyxiation, I’m guessing) in Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s time to cast the romantic competition. How To Make It In America star Victor Rasuk has been cast to play Jose, a friend of Dakota Johnson’s Anastasia and rival of Jamie Dornan’s Christian Grey for her affections.

Do you think it’s easy being a horror movie villain? All those elaborate traps, all that perfectly time skulking in the shadows, and that’s not even mentioning the risk of another villain stealing your kills! To be successful at this whole killer thing, it takes planning and coordination, but sometimes even that can go awry.

Last Updated: November 1, 2013

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