Home Entertainment Extras! Iron Man already faces box office woes, Spock vs the volcano, Things look stormy for Halle Berry, Spartacus joins Hercules and Kneel before Zod's CGI armour! Plus much more!

Extras! Iron Man already faces box office woes, Spock vs the volcano, Things look stormy for Halle Berry, Spartacus joins Hercules and Kneel before Zod's CGI armour! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

While we may have already seen the final trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness (and what a trailer it was!), final to marketing execs is a relative term, much like honesty. So while we don’t have a new trailer, we do have a new clip from the film, containing footage that was shown in the 9-minute preview from last year. And for the clip,  the Enterprise gang’s all here, as they try to get Spock out of an erupting volcano.

The Following‘s Adan Canto can apparently do more than just have bisexual threesomes and get stabbed real well, apparently he can also get really, really upset. At least that’s what he promises to do now that he’s joined the cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past. While he’s role is not specified, his message on Twitter about the casting seems to hint at a fiery character.

@adancanto: “I might turn into a ball of fire if someone pisses me off.”

My money’s on him playing Sunspot.

Staying with X-Men, there’s been some concern that Halle Berry’s recently announced pregnancy would hamper her portrayal of the white haired, Toad frying Storm but the Oscar winning actress assured fans that it wouldn’t be a problem, she just wouldn’t be able to do any “fighting or flying stuff”. What she can apparently do damn well, according to this tweeted image from director Bryan Singer, is hide her baby bump with a new costume.


After pulling an “Ocean’s 11 with muscles and musclecars” in Fast Five, I’m really looking forward to Fast & Furious 6. And according to to producer Neal Moritz, I’m going to be in for quite a ride as this one is apparently the fastest and furiousest of them all.

“It’s the best of the series.  We had one test screening on this movie and over 90% of the people in the audience said it was as good or better than Fast Five, with the majority of them being better.  It just delivers, there’s incredible action, there’s a fantastic villain, but the spine of the movie is that relationship between Vin and Michelle.  When she comes back and how that throws everything into havoc, it’s just fantastic.  It’s just a really, really good emotional story between the two of them and it’s really the backbone.”

“We have two or three of the best action sequences you will ever see.  The scene where you saw the tank on the freeway, that sequence is incredible.  The taking down of the big plane at the end of the movie is incredible, and then there’s a sequence early on that we call ‘Team vs. Team’ through the streets of London which is incredible.

When Spartacus star Andy Whitfield unfortunately passed away in 2011, the blood soaked and gratuitously nude baton was passed onto Liam McIntyre to finish the story. Unfortunately, while he can cleave skulls with the best of them, he has the onscreen charisma of a baked potato. But apparently there are lots of fans of spuds in Hollywood, as McIntyre has now joined the cast of Renny Harlin’s Hercules 3D as a still unnamed army captain. I guess somebody was like “Hey, there’s g0ing to be a whole lot of sandal wearing in this movie, and who do we know that wears the hell out of a sandal?”

Oh Mondo, you poster making geniuses, you. The acclaimed movie art house has put together this special poster for Marvel Studios that will be available exclusively at midnight IMAX screenings of Iron Man 3, and it’s a thing of red and gold beauty.


Oh, yes. About those Iron Man 3 screenings. While they’re probably going to right ahead without any issues at IMAX, the same can’t be said for AMC and Regal, two of the largest theatre chains in USA. They have halted sales for tickets at the their combined 800+ theatres, due to a dispute with Disney about how to split the film’s revenue. This could put a massive dent in Iron Man 3‘s opening weekend box office take if not resolved quickly.

Seems like pimping despots of indeterminate Middle Eastern origins are the least of Tony Stark’s worries.

We’ve already seen snippets of how bad of a mother Julianne Moore will be to Chloe Moretz in Kimberley Pierce’s Carrie reinvention, but damn I didn’t know she was withholding proper hair care as well. That’s just cruel and unusual punishment. And apparently, split ends has left Carrie’s blood boiling in these two new pics.



If you’ve seen all the images, posters and trailers for Man of Steel, then you’ll probably have noticed the funky armour that Michael Shannon’s villainous General Zod is wearing. Except, he actually isn’t.

“I never wore the armor.  That is a CG outfit, I think I can say that without getting assassinated, yes.  Honestly, the armor would be very heavy – like in Iron Man, Downey Jr.  doesn’t ever wear armor – Oh, but there is a guy who wears it.  I know the guy, the guy who was the Iron Man double, who had to wear that freakin suit was onMan of Steel and he said it was a freakin nightmare, it’s so freakin heavy.  They wanted me to have freedom of movement and if I would have actually been wearing a giant metal suit I would have been walking around like this, you know?  So every time you see me in that metal suit just close your eyes and imagine me in an Arlequino outfit; green, red, blue, with the little tight around the midsection.  Yeah, we all looked like bunch of dorks.”

Er, suddenly my compulsion to kneel is not quite there anymore.

They say that white men can’t jump, but they apparently never told Mark Wahlberg that. Especially when said jump is part of slam dunking on kids less than half his age and making paternal promises about their future, like he’s doing in this hilarious clip from Michael Bay’s Pain & Gain.

Last Updated: April 23, 2013

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  1. Hahaha! “I see your momma dryving up and down… I’ll be your stepfather by the weekend” It would seem Mr. Wahlberg is finally coming into his own 🙂


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