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Extras! Man of Steel's origin story, Loki is a muppet of a man, Obi Wan is a jerk, Jack Huston joins a scam, and you'll probably want to punch Woody Allen after today! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

As a true, dyed in the wool Cape Coloured, I naturally have quite the affinity for that most kingly of fast food meals, the gatsby. As such, every single time I have to write up a story about Baz Lurhman’s adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s seminal novel, The Great Gatsby (no relation), I cannot help but have my mind drift off to thoughts of masala steak and greasy chips. And with this new TV spot for said film, that does not appear to change, so if you spot any spelling mistakes in today’s Extras, just blame it on a faulty keyboard due to all the drool dripping into it.

And before any of you ask, yes, I do still have my own front teeth.

Did you know that Obi Wan Kenobi was “a complete and utter arsehole”? No, really, it’s true. He’s responsible for the death of Qui Gon Jinn, the eradication of the Jedi Order and nearly letting Luke Skywalker make the beast with two backs with his twin sister. Don’t believe me? Then check out IGN’s article on 10 Reasons Why Star Wars’ Obi Wan Kenobi is a Serial Jerk.

Oh look, some more sets of amour have been revealed for Iron Man 3.

Hey Marvel, here’s an idea: How about instead of showing us all of this now, you show it to us – and stay with me now, because this is kind of crazy – show it to us in the movie?

It’s official, the Hemsworths are the new Baldwins of Hollywood. While brothers Chris aka Thor and Liam aka That Other Guy In The Hunger Games have already made their own mark on Hollywood, as well as the ovaries of many a female film fan, they could never quite claim the title of Lady Kryptonite Clan, once held by brothers Alec, Stephen, William and Daniel Baldwin (since vacated after it looked like Alec ate all his siblings). This was due to the fact there was a third, untested Hemsworth sibling, Luke, who could have potentially ruined the trifecta. But according to Vulture, he’s now made the passing grade by not only landing his first Hollywood role in director John V. Soto’s detective story The Reckoning, but also being a confirmed pretty boy.

If you’ve seen all of season three of HBO’s acclaimed drama series Boardwalk Empire then there should be no doubt in your mind that the most badass character on that show is undoubtedly the disfigured Richard Harrow, as played by Jack Huston. Now if he’s already made such an impact there, imagine what he could do when allowed to use more than just half his facial features! And we’ll soon get the chance to find out as Huston has joined the already ridiculous cast David O. Russell’s still untitled “Abscam” film. He’ll be bumping shoulders with the likes of Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams, Louis C.K. and Jennifer Lawrence among others, but somehow I know he’ll be able to hold his own.

I hate to do this to you guys, but sometimes you got to swallow the bitter along with the sweet, so along with all these amazing news stories, here are two new TV spots for Scary Movie 5. I’m truly sorry.

Some people struggle for years, decades even, sacrificing everything they have to get their movie ideas turned reality. And some people are friends with Chris Nolan. Just ask screenwriter David S. Goyer as he explains exactly how the current Zack Snyder directed Superman reboot, Man of Steel, came about.

“Chris (Nolan) and I were working on The Dark Knight Rises, working on the story; we were blocked. We agreed to part ways for a couple of weeks and just see if something had bubbled at the surface.  So I went back to my home office. I was wasting time and procrastinating and took out an archive edition of some of the original Superman comic books, Action comic books and started rereading them because I couldn’t figure out this plot point on Dark Knight Rises, [and] I just randomly sat down one afternoon and wrote up some ideas for Superman

When I met with Chris Nolan again in another week or so he said, “Have you worked out the problem on the Dark Knight Rises?” I said, “No,” he said, “What have you been doing?” and I said, “Well, I had this idea for Superman,” and because Chris likes to procrastinate as well he said “let’s hear it,” so I told him. And he literally called Jeff Robinov, who’s the head of Warner Bros, while I was sitting there and said, “Jeff, Dave just told me this take on Superman and you need to hear it, I’d like to produce it. Can we come in?” And we went in the next day. That’s how it happened. No, we weren’t trying to do it, it just happened.”


And here’s another Man of Steel jaw dropper for you. While doing an interview over at I Am Rogue, Goyer was asked what prompted the decision to not have classic Superman arch-nemesis Lex Luthor in Man of Steel, to which the writer teasingly answered:

“I don’t think anyone has [ever] confirmed that we haven’t included him.”

Oh Goyer, you cryptic son of a gun!

Admit it. There’s nothing quite like a bit of schadenfreude to brighten up your day. But you know what’s better than laughing at other people’s misery? Laughing at other people singing about their misery! French people!

He broke onto the scene in The Avengers and now Tom Hiddleston will be joining up with the only other ensemble cast assembled by Disney that could give the Marvel heroes a run for their money when it came to awesomeness. The very in demand English actor has apparently landed a minor role in The Muppets… Again! which will see him play a  Houdini styled stage magician called The Great Escapo.

I’m about to present you with the greatest test of patience you’ve ever encountered since the last time you visited the post office and got stuck behind that old lady who wanted to post those 37 hand written letters to all her grandkids living all over the world. The (obviously malicious) folks over at Huffington Post have compiled a 45-minute long supercut featuring all the scenes ever filmed Woody Allen and his, um, propensity, errr, to stammer, uhmmm, through his, you know, words.

Make it all the way though, and you get to choose a teddy bear from the second shelf as your prize.

Last Updated: March 27, 2013

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