Home Entertainment Extras! Robocop's Detroit gets its Mayor, Independence Day sequels get lovable titles, Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Trailer, James Cameron exploring Avatar's oceans and Emma Watson is the most dangerous celebrity on the net? Plus much more!

Extras! Robocop's Detroit gets its Mayor, Independence Day sequels get lovable titles, Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Trailer, James Cameron exploring Avatar's oceans and Emma Watson is the most dangerous celebrity on the net? Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

Last time I checked there were about 57 different versions, give or take, of Ridley Scott’s seminal sci-fi classic, Blade Runner, out there. And now another one is on the way. But this one is special as it marks the 30th Anniversary of the influential film, and as such is being given the whole treatment. (You know, kind of like the 25 year Anniversary edition.) The Final Cut has been unavailable on Blu Ray for a while now, and will be included in this new set along with a couple of other trinkets to sweeten the deal, so those folks who still don’t own this, now have no excuse.

And here’s the newly released trailer for the Collection to tell you all about it:

“The #1 Sci-Fi Film of all time” marks it’s return post 10 month moratorium with an all new 3-Disc Blu-ray/DVD and UV 30th Anniversary commemorative gift set. Revisit the illustrious Final Cut on Blu-ray, DVD and get a UV copy of the feature. Additionally, the gift set features an all new concept spinner car for your collection, action Lenticular and a 72 page art production book with never-before-seen Ridley sketches, poster art and photos from the set.

Maximilliano Hernandez spoke to ComingSoon.net on whether or not the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent he plays in the latest Marvel One Shot, Item 47, will have a future in Joss Whedon’s proposed S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series:

“I can’t admit to anything right now. The truth of the matter is that everything is in flux and so much of it is up in the air. Honestly, it’s all dependent on Joss. Joss has really taken this as his baby. We’ll see. In the next couple of months, I’m sure I’ll be able to say something.”

Gary Oldman’s manager is going to be the Mayor of Detroit in Jose Padilha’s Robocop. Douglas Urbanski may normally be more of a behind the scenes kind of guy, but the sometimes actor will be joining his client in front of the cameras this time around.

Dredd 3D is just around the corner! And for those of you who didn’t spend your childhood buried in inappropriate English comic books, and thus have no idea why the rest of us are getting so excited, then head on over to Cracked where they’ve done a rather humurous primer on the character.

There’s a new poster out for Silent Hill: Revelation and this one features everybody’s favourite tri-pointed cabeza, Pyramid-Head, wielding a rather large blade.

John Gholson over at Movies.com has come up with a rather inspired idea with what Marvel should do with their soon to be reacquired Daredevil film rights: Give him a TV series. Co-starring The Punisher.

James Cameron, as he so famously exclaimed himself, is now only in the Avatar business. Well, Avatar and deepsea exploration business, that is. So it only seems natural that Cameron’s two “businesses” would work hand in hand, but that’s not quite the case, as he explained to ComingSoon.net:

“We’re doing ‘Avatar’ films now, so we’re making up an ocean ecosystem for Pandora. That’s gonna have less to do with the deep exploration that I’ve done than it has to do with my concerns about conservation of Earth’s oceans. The fact that we’re basically overfishing, climate change… a few degrees of temperature rise are gonna basically take out the coral reefs. All those beautiful images of the coral environments we all grew up with won’t exist in 50 years at the rate we’re going in terms of pumping greenhouse gases into the environment. These are the things that concern me.”

“There isn’t a direct map between the deep ocean exploration that I’ve done and the ocean stuff that we’re doing in the ‘Avatar’ films. However, I’m going to continue in the future making documentaries and continuing explorations stuff as well because I’m always fascinated by that. We don’t have to explore the coral reefs at this point because we understand them very well. We also understand that they’re dying and they’re ultimately doomed if we don’t change our profligate ways.

“I hope that explains it, ’cause people have connected the dots directly together. ‘Oh, going to the challenger deep has a direct connection to what we’re going to see in Avatar 2,’ and that’s not the case at all. It’s all the scuba diving I did before I even started the deep ocean stuff that has more of a direct connection to Avatar 2 & 3, which by the way won’t take place completely in or under the water. That’s just part of the environment of Pandora that we’re going to see.”

Empire have got 5 new Skyfall images up for your perusal. And since we need throw a bone to our female readers as well, here’s one of those images that feature a topless Daniel Craig.

According to the Google translated interview that Roland Emmerich gave German news publication Film Starts, we now know that the apocalyptic director hates 3D. However, the studios disagree. Which is why the Independence Day sequels will be shot in 2D (Yay!) and then post-converted to 3D (Boo!).

We also learned the title that the next two films will now be sharing:  ID Forever Part One and ID Forever Part Two.

…Yeah, those suck.

Total Film also spoke to Emmerich’s co-writer/producer Dean Devlin about the original and how “lovable” it was:

“The thing that really hit me about the movie is how much love there is in it: between the characters; that the filmmakers had making it; that the cast had for each other. As we’re approaching a sequel we’re focusing on that aspect of it. Because I think that was really the key as to why it worked for everyone. It was lovable.”

Wait, what?

Andrew Stanton is over at the LA Times reflecting on John Carter‘s mixed reviews, the rocky path in getting the movie made and its inevitable lack of box office success. Whatever you thought of the movie (I loved it), it’s still a pretty great read on some of the huge pitfalls that could have been avoided.

Talking about stuff that don’t make money in Hollywood… Did you know that Return of the Jedi cost only $30 million to make, grossed $457 million, but is technically considered as not having made a profit? Confused? You should be, and it’s all the fault of some very shady mathematics being employed by Hollywood studios right now.

The Rock has tweeted a new on set pic for Fast 6, where apparently he was destroying some scenery.

“On set. FAST 6. Take 1: Rock throws man into table so hard entire ceiling crashes down. #MyBad

My biggest question though, is what did the guy with the lint-roller behind Mr Johnson discover to make him pull his face like that?

Emma Watson aka Hermione Granger from Harry Potter fame always seems to me like of one the nicest, most professional and eloquent young actresses around today. Did you know that she’s also the most dangerous? According to a new study by McAfee, searching for Mrs Watson’s name online nets you the biggest risk of having your PC be infected by malware/viruses setup by cybercriminals for precisely that reason.

Warner Bros have released a short official plot description for The Hangover 3. And lo and behold, it actually sounds like it won’t just be another rehash of the first film. Well, not much of one, anyway.

“This time, there’s no wedding. No bachelor party. What could go wrong, right? But when the Wolfpack hits the road, all bets are off.”

According to Jaoquin Phoenix, I Am Still Here, the pseudo-mockumentary that he made with brother-in-law Casey Affleck, damaged his career. All the impetus he had been gathering in his career before pretending to go off the rails for the film, was completely lost as people just weren’t sure whether he was being serious about a role or not. Well, I think it’s safe to say that that’s simply no longer a problem. The Oscar buzz for Phoenix’s performance in Paul Thomas Anderson’s soon to be released The Master just continues to build every day, and judging by this new really NSFW clip from the film, it’s not hard to see why.

Last Updated: September 11, 2012


  1. Han

    September 11, 2012 at 16:46

    Blade Runner, prolly my no 1 sci-fi of all times, also LOL at your ‘about’ it’s epicness


  2. James Francis

    September 12, 2012 at 12:43

    The John Carter article is an interesting read. But I doubt it will achieve the cult level of the other movies mentioned. It’s too long and spends far too much time establishing motivation for the story to move forward. That same problem plagued the second Matrix movie and now, nearly a decade on, that still is not a good film.


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