Extras! Smurfs get an origin, Spock talks Star Trek 3, Ma-Ma is an avenger, The Pixar theory, Calvin & Hobbes get a doc, and William Wallace vs Rocky! Plus much more!

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BOO!… Okay, so maybe you’ve seen tax returns scarier than that intro, but I thought we’d kick off today with some BLOOD CURDLING HORROR! MWHAH HA HA HA HA!… Or maybe a new featurette from James Wan’s upcoming fright fest The Conjuring, focusing on Lorraine Warren, the real life investigator played by Vera Farmigia in the film. Whatever takes your fancy, really.

Now that JJ Abrams is the ruler of all Stars and has swapped Trek for Wars, it was assumed by many that he wouldn’t be wearing more than the producer’s hat for the Star Trek 3. Not according to start Zachary Quinto though, who indicated that Abrams will indeed be back for the third installment of the rebooted sci-fi franchise, and in fact, we may even see the next movie much earlier than anticipated.

“Star Trek 3 should be filming, I suppose, next year. It’s going to be made a lot quicker than the last one. That’s the plan, although nothing is confirmed yet.”

To the more morally high-brow among our readers, I must apologize. There’s been a rather large uptick in the usage of the word “[email protected]#$er” around here lately. Regrettably for you and your delicate social constitution, that’s probably not about to change. Especially as we have a new shot of Christopher Mintz-Plasse dressed up as the character named after that particular dirty word, as well as a new poster for Kick-Ass 2.

Oh Sly, you tease, you. Sylvester Stallone hinted last month that he was considering Mel “Nobody wants to be my friend anymore” Gibson to play the villainous role in The Expendables 3. While we haven’t seen any official confirmation that this will indeed happen, Stallone did post this cryptic tweet last night.

Generally, when you throw a boy and a tiger together it ends in either tragic violence or an Oscar for Best Picture, but when it comes to Calvin & Hobbes, the classic comic strip by Bill Waterson, it results in a decade of some of the most charming tales that would touch an entire generation. Joel Allen Schroeder has attempted to capture just how much of an impact Calvin & Hobbes made with his new documentary Dear Mr. Waterson, and you can check out the trailer for it below.

Chris Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi project, Interstellar, may not have feature anything borrowed or blue (we think), but it is getting something old and something new in the form of screen veteran Ellen Burstyn as well as newcomer Mackenzie Foy, the latter being most famous for playing the silly named offspring of Bella and Edward in the Twilight movies. The duo will be joining the already cast Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Casey Affleck and Michael Caine.

When you were a kid, things like origin stories didn’t matter. The Smurfs were blue littler things hunted by the wizard Gargamel. That’s all you needed to know to be happy. That and lots of concentrated sugars. But according to star Hank Azaria who plays the bumbling wizard in the live action feature film adaptation of the The Smurfs, we may be discovering some time in the future exactly where the blue Belgian imps actually come from.

“I hear that the third movie, if there is one, might actually deal with the genuine origin of how all these characters ran into each other way back when.”

“I imagine Gargamel having attended a Harry Potter-like academy in his youth for wizards, and was sort of the black sheep – first of all, wasn’t very good. Second of all, he must have thought the way to really be a powerful magician is to grab these Smurfs and grab their essence and everybody must have said, ‘You’re an idiot. Don’t waste your life doing that.’ And he’s been trying his whole life to prove them wrong.”

Oh snap! You done pissed off the wrong Grecian queen, son! I hope Xerxes has his demigod affairs in order, because judging by one of these two new Comic-Con 203 posters for 300: Rise of an Empire, Lena Headey’s Queen Gorgo is still a little pissed about the whole killing her husband thing.

I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this, then you actually possess a mind. If so, please fold away all trays, place your seat in the upright position and prepare to have your mind blown by the Pixar theory.

Evil Dead, Fede Alvarez’s is-it-or-isn’t-it? remake of Sam Raimi’s horror classic will be hitting Blu Ray and DVD this week, which means that we’ll finally get to experience “the most terrifying film you will ever see”. In honour of the release, Alvarez is talking up a storm over on Collider about the film, including things like the planned sequel, Blu Ray extras and more. I recommend you read it all, but there’s section that really stood out to me: Alvarez speaking about how the “remake” label is sometimes given unnecessary importance.

“I’m inspired when I find out about something that I didn’t know was a remake.  An example is, of course, stuff like The Fly, or The Thing, or even The Blob.  For our generation all those things, whether it was The Blob or The Fly or something else, we had no idea they were remakes.  Because when you’re 13 or 15 it’s not something that matters, right?  You don’t even know.  I mean today’s different because of the internet and everything.  Maybe a teenager today is more informed and can go online and read a lot about it.  But back then it was just like, “Hey this movie’s playing, lets watch it.”  You watch it and you like it or you don’t.  It doesn’t really matter if it was a remake or an adaptation or whatever.  That was inspiring to me.  A lot of people walk into these movies without knowing what it is so if you give them a good movie that works by itself they don’t need to know about the original to enjoy this one.  So that inspired me to go, “Okay, we’ll give them a movie that can work for new audiences.”  And it’s not really relevant if it’s a remake or an original.  They’ll be glad to enjoy it as it is.  It’s just a movie. In general I think the inspiration was to think about all those movies that I saw as a kid and never knew they were remakes, because I know there’s probably another kid going to watch Evil Dead who has no idea.  For him it’s going to be a different movie and then he’s going to find out, “ Hey, there was an original back in the 80’s.”  “Oh, great.”  Like back then they would have told me “Hey look, you know The Fly was originally a cult classic form the 50’s.”  And I would have gone “Oh great,” but it wouldn’t have changed my experience of the film I saw first.”

I’ve… seen things you people wouldn’t believe…  Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those… mome-Oh crap, looks like we only have 1-minute left, which is actually just long enough to retell the whole of Blade Runner!

Last Updated: July 16, 2013

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