Extras! Spielberg wants angry grapes, The Lone Ranger reviews don't look good, Luc Besson spends all the money, The future is very dirty, and If the glove don't fit, you must make a movie! Plus much more!

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Fancy yourself a movie critic? Want your reviews to be read by more than tens of people? Well here’s your chance fellow buffs. Mnet is taking to social media to find their next set of movie critics, and all you have to do is watch this conveniently placed and in no way paid for YouTube video of what to do and how to be cool like us web folk.

P.S It’ll probably help is you say really nice things about the film in question. Like how Freddy got fingered should have won all the Oscars.

If you had some hi-ho-hopes for The Lone Ranger, then I’m about to lasso and hogtie your expectations. The first reviews for the film are in, and it’s not looking pretty, with many saying that they film is overly long, jumps around all over the place and marginalizes its title character in favour of Johnny Depp’s Tonto.

Famed French filmmaker (say that three times fast!) Luc Besson’s next project Lucy, which sees Scarlett Johannson as a drug mule who develops superpowers after accidentally ingesting the mysterious pharmaceuticals she’s carrying, sounds like it could be a crazy movie. And apparently also a very, very expensive one. According to reports, Lucy will boast “the highest budget in the history of EuropaCorp… Luc Besson has never put so many special effects in a movie.”

Forget what happens on the racetrack, it’s the battle of the sweaty hair-dos on these two new international posters for Ron Howard’s Rush.

As announced earlier in the week, WB will soon be releasing a new Dark Knight Trilogy Collector’s Edition Blu Ray boxset, and now here are the details of what will be inside it. The boxset will be released on 24 September and can be yours for $99. Get those Bat-Credit Cards ready!

If you’re lucky enough to attend this year’s San Diego Comic Con, then firstly I hate you for being able to attend this year’s San Diego Comic Con, and secondly, don’t expect to see anything about The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug there. Peter Jackson has released a new production vlog for the film, and among other things, revealed that the workload and cast unavailability just wouldn’t have made it worth it to make the trip.

Did you know that the “DEL” key on your computer’s keyboard actually stands for “Deliver”? No, well then you better get educated by reading Mashable’s article on 13 Computer Fails from 90’s TV.

While I may not have been that impressed with White House Down itself, I have to commend director Roland Emmerich and the folks at Sony Pictures for this effort. Tomorrow, on July 4th aka America’s Independence Day, all active and retired military personnel will get free admission for themselves and one guest at any screenings of the film across the US.

Contrary to the beliefs of less-well read but very well-lubricated folks, The Grapes of Wrath is actually not just a nickname for really potent red wine. John Steinbeck’s great American novel, about a poor farming family, the Joads, struggling through the Great Depression, was already turned into a multiple-Oscar winning movie in 1940 by John Ford. Now Steven Spielberg and his friends at Dreamworks are looking to have a go at it again. They’re currently in talks with Steinbeck’s estate about the rights to make another film adaptation, which Spielberg will be looking to produce but not direct.

Apparently, when a new Ice Age eventually hits in the future, not only will humanity have to struggle for survival, we’ll also have to struggle for decent cleaning products. This is abundantly clear from all the dirty people and surfaces in these new images for Bong Ji-Hoon’s Snowpiercer. Click the link for all the pics, but here’s a dirty taste.

Did you know that years after OJ Simpson was acquitted of murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson, he planned to release a book called “If I Did It” in which he “hypothesized” about if he were guilty, how we would have killed her? And did you also know, that that may not even be the craziest thing to happen with regards to this infamous murder? That title may just belong to An American Mystery, a new $65 million film from British filmmaker Joshua Newton that proposes to elaborate i.e. probably make stuff up to add in new witnesses and evidence so as to make it a murder mystery whodunnit. Because that’s obviously the right thing to do. British actress Charlotte Kirk (soon to be seen with Liam Neeson in Non-Stop) has already been cast to play the role of Nicole.

And now I give you C-3PO rapping. I honestly don’t have much else I can say about this, due to my brain being overwhelmed by the colossal influx of pure, undiluted WTF. The folks at the aptly named Everything Is Terrible managed to find this video from a 1986 television special called Vacation in Space, which aired to promote Disneyland’s Star Tours ride.

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Last Updated: July 3, 2013

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