Home Entertainment Extras! Ted is coming sooner than you thought, Nymphomaniac gets a synopsis, Machete gets to kiss all the pretty ladies, Warner Bros are heading into The Wind, Rachel McAdams joins A Most Wanted Man and the Lizard is looking in through the blinds?! Plus much more!

Extras! Ted is coming sooner than you thought, Nymphomaniac gets a synopsis, Machete gets to kiss all the pretty ladies, Warner Bros are heading into The Wind, Rachel McAdams joins A Most Wanted Man and the Lizard is looking in through the blinds?! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

Seeing as we’ve now turned a corner when it comes to modern society, by allowing a $200 million dollar plus movie based on a boardgame played with pegs to be made, everything is now fair game. So with that ridiculousness in mind, I give you Tetris: The Movie.

Men in Black 3 screenwriter David Koepp is currently working on a top secret sci-fi project for Warner Bros. titled The Wind. Not much known about it except it takes place on a space colony. I’m hoping that it addresses the very real horror of flatulence in a hermetically sealed space-suit.

It’s bad enough that people didn’t go see John Carter, but now people are not seeing it all over again. Legally, that is. According to torrent tracking site TorrentFreak, John Carter is officially the most pirated movie this week.

Here’s a new up-close look at the Lizard from Amazing Spider-Man. Am I the only one getting a whole nosy neighbour vibe from this pic?

“Hooooowdy, neighbour! What are ya diddly-doing?” – Spoken in a Ned Flanders voice.

Not content with making just one movie about a children’s toy, Universal is now making a Lego movie. Before you start gnashing your teeth though, with clenched screams of “Battleshiiiiiiip!”, jusy note that it will be based on Lego Hero Factory, which actually has a pretty rich mythology.

Ah, who am I kidding. It’s probably going to suck brick.

Gabriella Cedilo, an extra injured during a stunt on Transformers 3 has won a $18 million settlement from Paramount Pictures.

Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomanic – You know, the one with the hardcore pornographic sex scenes – gets a synopsis. Well, it’s had a synopsis before, but now it’s all official like.

“Nymphomaniac” is the wild and poetic story of a woman’s erotic journey from birth to the age of 50 as told by the main character, the self-diagnosed nymphomaniac, Joe.

On a cold winter’s evening the old, charming bachelor, Seligman, finds Joe beaten up in an alleyway. He brings her home to his flat where he tends to her wounds while asking her about her life. He listens intently as Joe over the next 8 chapters recounts the lushly branched-out and multi faceted story of her life, rich in associations and interjecting incidents.

Brad Pitt has says that he’ll never direct a film himself like his soon to be official wife, Angelina Jolie. The reason? Directing would take much time away from him being with his kids.

All together now: “Awwwwwwwwww….”

Let me just state upfront that this behind the scene Making of Piranha 3DD clip is a spoof by internet humourists Funny or Die. But by Hasselhoff’s Furry Pecs, I’d swear that this exactly how a “Making of” video would play out for this film. Oh and there is some NSFW nudity in there, but then again, were you expecting anything less?

Danny Trejo, star of Robert Rodriguez’ soon to be released blood-spattered grindhouse sequel Machete Kills, is living the good life. How good you ask? This good, I say:

“We’ve got Sofia Vergara, who is a star in her own right, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez and Zoe Saldana. And guess what? I get to kiss all of ‘em.”

I believe the obligatory response would be “Play on, playa!”

One man’s misfortune is another man’s opportunity, it would seem. Especially if those men are named Joe and Ted, and Ted is actually a incorrigible teddy bear with a drinking problem. Seth Macfarlane’s R-rated comedy, Ted, has been bumped up two weeks on Universal’s release schedule, taking up the slot previously occupied by G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

Oh and here’s a new totally clean, completely innocent, non-double entendre poster for Ted.

Film School Rejects continue their series of dispensing advice to prospective filmmakers with 6 Filmmaking Tips from the Coen Brothers.

Sticking with Film School Rejects they also ask Can Iron Man 3 Become the Biggest Movie Ever in this Post-Avengers World? Seeing as though it appears that only people who haven’t seen The Avengers is a little tribe of hunter-gatherers in Papua New Guinea, this is actually a very likely scenario.

Rachel McAdams is joining Philip Seymour Hoffman in the John le Carré adapatation, A Most Wanted Man. As a spy film lover, this certainly has me intrigued. Here’s the official synopsis:

Adapted from the best-seller by master spy novelist John le Carré, “A Most Wanted Man” takes place in present day Hamburg, Germany where a mysterious, tortured and near-dead half-Chechen, half-Russian man on the run arrives in the city’s Islamic community desperate for help and looking to recover his late Russian father’s ill-gotten fortune. Nothing about this young man seems to add up; is he a victim or a thief or, worse still, an extremist intent on destruction? Drawn into this web of intrigue is a private British banker and a young female lawyer determined to defend the defenseless. All the while, they are being watched by the brilliant, roguish chief of a covert German spy unit (Hoffman), who fights to put the pieces together as the clock 

Remember that totally creepy and psychotic trailer for Elijah Wood’s Maniac remake? Yep, the broken one. Well a working version of it has finally popped online now, so here it is for your viewing (dis)pleasure. Oh and like I mentioned before, this one has it all – from nudity to girls being violently scalped so a very big NSFW warning!

Steven Kelly over at The Guardian states (what you would think would be) the obvious by saying 3D Is Not the Answer To Cinema’s Problems. How About Better Films? Yeah, Hollywood. How about it?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that men in colourful spandex and flashy high tech suits of amour rule the world right now. The movie-going population of Earth has officially gone superhero crazy. But one fan would like you to know that the true heroes will soon be coming back. Real manly heroes. With GUNS!

Last Updated: May 25, 2012


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