Extras! The Grey was a frozen hell; Holy Olivia Wilde cleavage, Batman!; Chemical Bros don't want you to think; The Dark Knight Rises is a bust and You can get paid to make obscene sounds?! Plus much more!

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Liam Neeson and director Joe Carnahan’s Antarctic survival thriller, The Grey, is currently ruling the US box office, but making the film was certainly no walk in the park. Especially since said park is not so much a park, as it is a subzero death trap, as Neeson and Carnahan revealed to The NY Post (via IMDB)

LN: “The elements in general were pretty tough. There were a couple days that I got brain freeze. The function between the brain and the mouth to speak the words just wasn’t working. We were all fumbling over lines, and Joe got a bit antsy a couple times, thinking we hadn’t learned the lines. It was just hard to get that thought to make it work.”

JC: “You could only access the set by Snowcat (snow truck) or snowmobile. Logistically, getting the gear up there was a challenge. You’d have an hour up the mountain every day to the set, two hours to break the gear. You’d have five hours of daylight before it would get dark. There was no ‘magic hour’. It was more like ‘magic three-and-a-half minutes,’ and then it was dark.”

Carnahan eventually suffered frostbite on both his hands and toes while filming in the frigid conditions.

There’s a new promo image for director Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man, which shows off new Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) sans mask. Also, apparently sans muscles. I know Spidey was never supposed to be super buff, but he never had the physique of a pre-pubescent girl either.

And now for some more costumed shenanigans of a different (but much more kinkier) variety. Here’s a new image of Olivia Wilde dressed in a latex superhero inspired costume as the assistant to Steve Carrel’s magician, in the upcoming dueling magicians comedy, Burt Wonderstone. Somewhere out there is a 14 year old boy, shedding tears of joy, because his dreams just came true.

The Guardian has an extremely interesting article written by actor John Moraitis for the work he did on Steve McQeen’s critically acclaimed sex-addiction drama, Shame. But it’s not the normal type of work you may be thinking of. Besides for his traditional thespian skills, Moraitis does Additional Dialogue Recording. This is normally for things like recording conversations for people in the background of a scene, e.g. patrons in the background of a restaurant. For Shame though, it was more than just ambient dialogue:

Last summer, I was invited to do ADR for Shame. At the time, we knew nothing about the film. My agent said: “It involves sexual sounds. Do you mind?” I said: “No, it’s just a job. It’s fine.” The sound engineer kept the sexual stuff till the end. There’s a scene where Michael Fassbender’s character goes to a gay club. At the back of some shots, couples were at it. So I stood at the microphone with another guy and we improvised. For example: “Yeah. YEAH. Go deeper, GO DEEPER.” The sound engineer would say: “OK, a bit more intense, please.” You came up with anything you could think of. “Who’s your daddy?” Stuff like that. One of the more entertaining moments came when we had to evoke the sound of a penis entering an open mouth. The engineer was almost embarrassed but we found it amusing. None of us had done anything like that before, but it was a hoot. There was a kind of one-upmanship. The art of ADR is to make the noises blend in, so when I saw the finished film, I couldn’t make out my own voice. I thought the film was terrific. I’m not sure how much I cared about the main character, but it was beautifully acted. And the ADR was great.

I don’t think I ever want to see my name listed in a film’s credits as “Penis sliding into mouth”, thank you very much.

There’s a new trailer out for the Chemical Brother’s Don’t Think, the documentary style film that captures the dance music legends’ innovative audio-visual show on film for the very first time. Just like their music, the trailer is loud, bombastic and will probably make you see some pink elephants if the right chemicals are consumed beforehand:

And finally, Superhero Hype has pics of the new busts and statues for Dark Knight Rises. I have to admit the busts are just not doing it for me, especially Bane. Something just looks off. The 12″ statues however, look incredible. And no it’s not just because of Catwoman’s well proportioned posterior.

For those of you that noticed (all 2 of you, I’m sure), there was unfortunately no Weekend Extras yesterday. The reason for this was that I was occupied in another endeavour. You see, I was privileged enough to spend the day as one of two judges at the Cape Town leg of the Global Game Jam. I saw some amazing games, all developed by teams of 3-4 people in just 48 hours, which is quite frankly, an astonishing accomplishment. You can expect a write-up on my experiences soon over on our sister site, Lazygamer.

Now, if you people will excuse me I have to go work on my background sex noises. One day, I’m going to be famous. In the background.

Last Updated: January 30, 2012

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