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Extras! Top Gun sequel crashes, Michael Arndt gave Star Wars the treatment, Sean Connery could have been in Skyfall, All you need is a mech suit, and The real reason why Matthew Vaughn actually left X-Men! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

We kick off today with something a bit more chilling. Here’s a new clip from thriller In The Skin, which just goes to show that murderous boys will be murderous boys.

Following a tragic incident, Mary (Selma Blair) and Mark (Joshua Close) Hughes escape their upscale, suburban life to spend some quality time at their isolated country home. A friendly evening with neighbors is suddenly interrupted when one man’s obsession with perfection escalates into a violent struggle, forcing everyone to extreme measures in order to survive.

I know I shouldn’t nitpick like this, but has there ever been in a scene in the history of movies, where if somebody is playing a videogame, it actually looks like they’re playing a videogame?! What are these hand-spasms on the buttons that everybody always does?

And it’s been merely a few hours since we reported that Vulture’s sources claim that Oscar winning screenwriter Michael Arndt has penned a 40-50 page treatment for Star Wars: Episode VII, but now Deadline have not only verified his involvement, but also that he penned a treatment for the entire new trilogy. This would be the “pretty extensive and detailed treatment for what would be the next three movies” that Disney CEO Bob Iger spoke about during the announcement of the Lucasfilm deal. Arndt will apparently start work on the Episode VII script itself as he soon as he finishes up his work on The Hunger Games: Mockingbird – Part 1 and Part 2.

Veteran actor Alan Arkin will be doing his best Mickey impersonation (the ringman not the mouse) as he’s been cast as Sylvester Stallone’s trainer in Grudge Match, which sees Stallone and Robert De Niro as two aging boxers who want to have one last fight together. Yep, it’s Rocky vs Raging Bull. But old.

Here’s a first look at Tom Cruise all mech’ed out in Doug Liman’s upcoming sci-fi actioner All You Need Is Kill. The film’s rather intriguing concept has Cruise as a green soldier thrust into a future war with hive-mind alien invaders, who gets killed on his very first mission. However, after “dying” he wakes up at the start of the day, forced to relive everything again, including his death. Soon he’s Bill Murray-ing it up in a constant time loop of death and rebirth, needing to change his actions to escape his demise and figure out what’s happening.

For those of you who holding out for the rumour that director Matthew Vaughn dropped out of X-Men: Days of Future Past to do Star Wars: Episode VII, well frequent collaborator, comic book writer and Fox creative consultant Mark Millar is here to burst your bubble.

“What we’re doing is that Kick-Ass 2 is filming now, and next year we’ll start production on Secret Service which I did with Dave Gibbons. Matthew and I have been talking about [adapting] that for years.

“We thought Matthew was going to do X-Men first, but we found out there were actually a few imitators of Secret Service in the works… People are always trying to rip you off. Somebody will start to work on a spec screenplay about your idea.”

“There are three other projects I know of now about a James Bond kind of guy taking a street kid and turning him into a spy. Three screenplays were already going through Hollywood about this! So Matthew and I said, ‘F@ck this. We’re not letting anyone steal our ideas.’”

And there you have it. He dropped out to protect his personal investment, not to make our own Lourens’ dreams come true. Sorry, dude.

The director too cool for vowels, McG, has now been officially attached to the recently announced Magic Castle, a feature film about the famous over a century old exclusive Hollywood nightclub serves as the clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts.

Following on from the poster released yesterday, here’s a new trailer for the 3D re-release of Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park.

If you think that next few months of movie releases are going to severely test your time management skills, well then Pajiba are here to add to your woes as they’ve compiled a list of 10 Upcoming Films You Didn’t Know You Needed To See.

Oliver Stone is apparently looking to claim George Lucas’ crown as Mad Tinkerer. The acclaimed filmmaker is working on a fourth cut of his 2004 damp squib, Alexander. This of course after the 2007 Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut, which Stone described at the time as his “complete and last version” And the reason for this new version? A lot of people bought the last one, so they want to see if they can do it again and make more money. I kid you not.

With director Tony Scott’s tragic suicide earlier in the year, it’s only expected that a number of his projects would fall to the wayside, and the first and possibility biggest is the Top Gun sequel that he was working on. The New York times reports that without Scott there to guide it, the whole project has fallen apart.

However you will still get to see some Tony Scott magic on the big screen, as Paramount will still go ahead with the 3D re-release of the original film, which was initially going to be used to wet audiences’ appetites for an eventual sequel.

Here’s a new poster for Sam Raimi’s Oz the Great and Powerful which acts as a prequel to L. Frank Baum’s timeless Wizard of Oz. And if you also happen to get be creeped out by the new almost-human faces of the flying monkeys, know that you’re not alone. That’s some A-grade nightmare fuel right there.

We’ve still got a few weeks till Skyfall hits our shores, but out of those lucky few overseas who have already seen it, a few have mentioned a role by Albert Finney, and saying that it would have been perfect as a cameo for Sean Connery. Well, they were the first to have this though. It’s an idea that director Sam Mendes actually had while filming, but subsequently dismissed:

 “There was a definite discussion about that – way, way early on. But I think that’s problematic. Because, to me, it becomes too … it would take you out of the movie. Connery is Bond and he’s not going to come back as another character. It’s like, he’s been there. So, it was a very brief flirtation with that thought, but it was never going to happen, because I thought it would distract.”

And we end off today on this amazing gothic horror short film about a little girl afraid to suck her thumb, lest the monstrous Suckablood should come. As writers, thumbsucking is something we know a lot about, so this has even more special meaning for us. Enjoy.

Last Updated: November 9, 2012

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