Meet the actors on the shortlist for the rebooted FANTASTIC FOUR

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You know, I actually enjoyed the two Fantastic Four films from the mid-2000s. Sure, they weren’t spectacular, but they did a good job overall of bringing Marvel’s first family to the big screen. And if we can ignore the Galactus space cloud, then we can all get along.

Fox is rebooting the cosmic adventurers though. And they’ve got their eyes set on several actors for the starring roles.

Variety says that for the role of super-elastic genius Mr Fantastic, Kit Harington, Jack O’Connell and Miles Teller will be screen-testing for the role. For the Invisible Woman, Sue Storm, you can expect actresses Saoirse Ronan, Kate Mara and Margot Robbie to be invited to stand around and be visibly invisible. The most visual member of the group however, The Thing, doesn’t have anyone lined up yet for that role.

Invisible woman

Mr Fantastic


At which point I’m expecting a full CGI version of the infamous Brooklyn Brawler from Yancy Street, with some sort of celebrity voice attached. As for the Human Torch/Johnny Storm, it looks like Fox really wants Michael B Jordan for the role.

I’ll give Fox credit. They may be a completely different movie branch when compared to Sony and the rights that they hold for several Marvel comics characters, but they’re no longer squatting on them. It’ll be interesting to see how production ramps up on the reboot.





Last Updated: October 10, 2013

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