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Fatman trailer: Mel Gibson is a violent Santa Claus who has to fight an assassin… seriously!

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In Fatman, Mel Gibson – an actor whose controversial past doesn’t exactly lend itself to the adjective of “jolly” – plays an angry, alcoholic Santa Claus forced to go into partnership with the US Army after his own business dries up. And no, I’m not talking about a Billy Bob Thornton-styled “bad Santa” you find at the mall. Gibson’s Chris Cringle is the real deal, complete with elves and reindeer. Oh and an assassin trying to kill him. It seems Santa is going from sleighing to slaying this Christmas!*

That’s the absurd premise in the upcoming dark action comedy from sibling writer-director duo Esholm and Ian Nelms, and it’s definitely something! As a comic book geek myself I have to point that this idea borrows more than just a few points from the classic Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special released in 1992 in which the DC Comics antihero is hired by a drunk, jealous Easter Bunny to kill Santa… which he does after a vicious knife fight.

There’s no inebriated Easter bunny here, though things are no less ridiculous as the aforementioned contract killer, played by the always brilliant Walton Goggins, is hired by a spoiled rich brat (Good Boys’ Chance Hurstfield) who received nothing but a lump of coal in his Christmas stocking and now wants revenge. “I’ve come for your head, fatman!” Goggins’ assassin tells Gibson’s gun-happy Santa, to which the latter replies: “You think you’re the first? You think I got this job because I’m fat and jolly?” Ho-ho-holy crap! Check out the first trailer below.

Fatman also stars Chance Hurstfield and Marianne Jean-Baptiste, and is scheduled for release on VOD platforms on 13 November.

*If this isn’t the official tagline on the poster then what the hell are you even doing, Hollywood?!

Last Updated: October 8, 2020

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