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First pics of Guy Ritchie's KING ARTHUR movie

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Remember Guy Ritchie’s planned King Arthur movie? Well, if you didn’t, you would be forgiven as it’s been a while since we last got to hear anything about the film. Which is somewhat of a surprise given how Ritchie is not known for dragging out his film development for a long time. It was initially supposed to be released around this time, but got delayed to March 24, 2017 so that they can complete work on the film.

The film has also gone through some name changes since it was first announced, having initially been announced as Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur and now officially titled King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword.

The good news though is that the film is still happening and the hype machine for it is starting to build once again. Entertainment Weekly has revealed some details and pictures, giving us a first look at what to expect from the film, which stars Charlie Hunnam as the titular hero, and Jude Law as the baddie, Vortigern.

king arthur-1_0

king arthur-2_0

The film is expected to be a grittier retelling of the well-known classic story and apparently Warner Bros is hoping it will be able to set the platform for – surprise – another franchise. This is the reason given for the additional delays in filming and reshoots done by Guy Ritchie, which were aimed to set the story up for future films. And while I am excited to see what a visionary director like Ritchie can do with the material – after he did an incredible retelling of the Sherlock Holmes films – another franchise is not exactly something which I think it needs.

I would much rather the studio focus on making one solid movie that can give the legend justice, than give us something which is not fully developed in the hope that the film is successful and that the sequels will finish the job. It’s also something which I think Ritchie is better at. He generally tends to tell better stories when everything is packed into one movie rather than left open for another story.

The film could still surprise us completely though and make audiences want more from the era. With the success of TV shows like Game of Thrones, it seems people certainly have an appetite for medieval films even if King Arthur’s story is slightly less fantastical and edgy than what we see in these shows. There are rumours though that the film may stray quite far from the source material, so we may still see a King Arthur: Game of Thrones edition. Let’s hope not.

Is King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword a film that you are looking forward to?


Last Updated: July 18, 2016

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