Home Entertainment First proper hi-res image of Hathaway's Catwoman shows her dressed to kill… with a gun?

First proper hi-res image of Hathaway's Catwoman shows her dressed to kill… with a gun?

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Director Chris Nolan famously runs a very tight ship. Unlike the ADD marketing campaign that the guys over at Marvel have created for The Avengers, we’ve been given a very tepid flow of marketing when it comes to The Dark Knight Rises. And when promo material does come out it’s usually showing off Batman trying to hold in a fart or Bane struggling to breath through his mechanical face-hugger.

But now we finally get our first our real hi-res look at Anne Hathaway’s full Catwoman costume, ears and guns and all, and it’s fantASStic!

Yep, I can definitely see where that extra “sensuality” is coming from in their PG-13 rating.

I have to admit, I am really loving this costume as it has all the grounded real world feel of the Nolan-verse (such as her visor flipping up to become the cat ears), yet still remains true the character.

Well, except for the guns. That bit’s new. And seeing as no other picture released thus far as even shown a hint of a holster anywhere on her costume, I’m guessing that that’s just for the promo piece and not really a regular part of her ensemble. Either that or she gets very creative with hiding places.

The image comes courtesy of the guys over at Bad Ass Digest, who – true to their name – have also realized that Chris Nolan appears to have a serious butt fetish when it comes to promo material for his movies.

Last Updated: April 12, 2012

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