This first trailer for IMPERIUM is revolutionary

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I’ll say one thing for Daniel Radcliffe: he knows how to reinvent himself. Just take a look at the nutter in this first trailer for Imperium-leviosus! Boyhood Scars? Last decade. Horns? Meh. How about No hair as a neo-nazi underground FBI agent? Bring it! He is one diverse actor for someone who is only 26 years old, shaking the Harry Potter role that made him a household name by since appearing in practically every genre that’s out there. This time we are going for, well, neo-nazis; is that a genre?

Based on the “real life experiences” of undercover FBI agent Michael German, Radcliffe plays an analyst (Nate Foster) who wants to make a bit of an impression. Now I’d just settle for super-sizing a burger but he decides to go that extra mile and goes undercover to take down a right-wing terrorist organisation, and only as a junior analyst. Overachiever. You can see in this trailer courtesy of Comingsoon this isn’t an easy job (certainly made no more so by the angst he manages to display in almost every scene).

Director Daniel Ragussis, who up till now has only produced short films, is certainly biting off a lot here, especially at a time in America where a lot of racist sentiment is being thrown around by, oh, you know, the candidate for the presidency. Have a watch and see what you think:


It looks pretty hectic don’t you think? Radcliffe does a very good job fitting into the role of a 1.65m right-wing terrorist which actually surprises me a lot. He actually looks ‘well ard’, like, I wouldn’t approach him in a pub and joke about where his scar is out of fear he would just make a new one on my own face. The cast looks pretty decent too, with Toni Collette, Tracy Letts, Nestor Carbonell, Burn Gorman and Sam Trammell all stepping in.

Imperium will hit theaters and on demand 19 August.

Last Updated: July 6, 2016

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