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Frank Darabont dismisses INDIANA JONES reboot rumour

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So you remember that rumour about Indiana Jones being rebooted, with Bradley Cooper replacing an aging Harrison Ford under the fedora? Of course you do, as your (and my) lingering fanboy rage at the thought of it attests. Well, lucky for us Indy purists, it looks like that rumour is already crumbling faster than a Nazi staring at the Ark of the Covenant.

A central part of the original rumour on Latino Review was that writer/director/producer Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption, The Mist, The Green Mile) – who had penned Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods, the early script for Indy 4 that was eventually rejected by George Lucas, but which he then pilfered to create Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – was the one who pitched the idea to reboot the franchise. If an Indy reboot were ever to happen, Darabont would be a mighty fine choice indeed in heading it, of that there is no doubt. However, there’s just the slight little problem of this rumour simply not being true, according to Darabont himself.

“This is an internet rumor with not a shred of truth in it. I have not pitched an idea for a proposed Indiana Jones movie, nor has anybody approached me with such an idea. The inaccurate report on Latino Review was the first I’d heard of it.”

Now I highly doubt that there hasn’t been ANY talks at all over at Lucasfilm about rebooting Indy. Indiana Jones is a massive money making franchise, and one that the studio will not just allow to fade into memory, just because Harrison Ford is mortal. At some point, somebody is definitely going to suggest and maybe even develop a new take on it.

I just hope that before they do, they give me enough time to save up enough money to fly over to Hollywood and perform that most South African of traditions and toyi-toyi outside the set.

Last Updated: March 28, 2014

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