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Fred Durst wants Elijah Wood, Matt Dillion, Brendan Fraser and Vincent D'Onofrio to be pawn stars

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Yes, that Fred Durst. He of the red cap and the “nookie”. The musician turned director (he previously helmed Jesse Eisenberg’s The Education of Charlie Banks) has seen 4 new actors joining the cast of his next directorial gig, Pawn Shop Chronicles.

Elijah Wood, Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser and Vincent D’Onofrio will be joining Paul Walker (who was previously cast in the lead), Thomas Jane, Lukas Haas, Chi McBride and Ashlee Simpson in what has been described as a Pulp Fiction-like action/black comedy involving a man searching for his kidnapped wife, white supremacists, meth addicts and an Elvis impersonator. 

Written by TV actor turned screenwriter Adam Minarovich and presented (similar to what Quentin Tarantino did on Hostel) by Running Scared director Wayne Kramer, the film’s plot will see a pawnshop in a small town in the American South act as the narrative link in the overlapping stories of several local individuals of not quite such high moral standing. Deadline has not been able to confirm which actor will be cast in which role yet, (well you can probably guess that Ashlee Simpson will be cast as the kidnapped wife, based on the fact that she’s the only one that meets the anatomical requirements), but I’d hazard a guess that Brendan Fraser will probably be donning the Elvis suit, as – at least in my mind – he’s a better physical fit.

Production on the film has just kicked off down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the film’s producer, Jordan Schur, had this to say about the project:

“This is a superbly written mind-bender of a story that grabs you from the first line, and doesn’t let go.  We are incredibly fortunate to have found Wayne Kramer to present it, and equally thrilled with the diverse and talented cast assembled.”

I rather enjoyed Running Scared, with its criss-crossing crazy storylines, despite the fact that Paul Walker is no Daniel Day-Lewis when it comes to acting. It certainly is a great cast that Kramer and Durst has assembled here, so this shows promise. Durst is the x-factor here though. Never having seen his earlier work, I have nothing to judge this on, but even so this a totally different type of film to what he has done in the past. If he manages to keep it together, and keep the tone right, this could be a pretty interesting film to see.

Last Updated: June 5, 2012

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