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Friday Debate: Seen any good Black Friday deals?

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If you’re into Buddhism, then today must feel like the antithesis of everything that a jolly fat man taught you. With Christmas around the corner, the world is currently in the grip of a different jolly fat man, and everybody is rushing around trying to scoop up some bargains in the mania of Black Friday. You can currently grab a weekly calendar for cheap on a Rebecca Black Friday special, Tenacious D albums are discounted on the Jack Black Friday sale and you can pick up some memory-damaging alcohol for next to nothing with the Men In Black deals that are currently circulating.

Jokes aside, it feels like there is nowhere you can go to avoid that which rhymes with Flack Fillet Slay. So why even bother? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

If you’ve got some cash to burn and you’re fortunate enough to receive a 13th cheque once a year, why not treat yourself? Give in to materialism, splurge on something you want but don’t need. And while you’re at it, give us the scoop on a few bargains, because we’re all in this looming pit of bankruptcy together, yo. Heck, if you feel like whinging below at how just about every retailer has hopped on this overloaded bandwagon, feel free to vent some steam as well.

As usual, CheapGamer has some great video gaming deals tallied up, Takealot has their Blue Dot sale of disappointment and Raru knows how to bait and hook fans with their own limited deals (that’s an affiliate link, by the way) that pop up every few hours. So share the discounts, tell us what you bought and let’s all wonder how we’re going to get through December with nothing more than the cardboard box our goodies arrived in, for sustenance.

Anything make you want to go through this?

Me? I’m going to be trying to figure out if my Transformer toys are edible. Tastes like buyer’s remorse!


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Last Updated: November 23, 2018

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