George Clooney likely to make contact with Brad Bird's 1952.

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Well folks, there was a rumour a while ago regarding a new film that Brad Bird is going to be helming called 1952, and that it might be a codename for Star Wars Episode VII but it seems like we all were dead, dead wrong.

1952 is definitely not the new Star Wars film, unfortunately, and while I think Bird would have made a great match for it, I would believe that the rumour mill is currently focusing on Vaughn as the most likely new candidate which is even better.

All that said, the new Brad Bird sci-fi film sounds really cool, especially if George “Smug” Clooney is interested in taking the lead. There is only one small problem with the whole scenario, which is that the screenplay will be coming from Lost alumni  scribe Damon Lindelof which also provided us with Prometheus, which was a bit hit and miss.

The project is not greenlit yet, but it is set to have something to do with a man that comes into contact with extraterrestrials on earth.

Well, I think that could all work out quite well, as long the aliens don’t resemble goats. Then they might just be in a spot of trouble! For now though, I will be a bit sad regarding Bird being potentially too busy for Star Wars.

Last Updated: November 12, 2012

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