George Lucas’ favourite Star Wars character is Jar Jar Binks

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When it comes to Star Wars we all have our favourite characters. Whether it’s the incorruptible and always calm Luke Skywalker and his twin sister Leia, the swashbuckling Han Solo or even the incredible heroics of the new heroes like Rey, Poe Dameron and Finn. However, when it comes to everyone’s least favourite character the choice is often a lot easier. There is Jar Jar Binks – and yes, that’s pretty much it. Even Darth Vader has his fans.

Well, as it turns out, there is someone who loves that long-eared, clumsily talking and walking character and that is none other than his creator itself. And no I’m not referring to Jar Jar’s mother I’m pretty sure she would be crying in shame if she existed at the thought of him selling out the federation like that.  I’m not talking about Darryn either. Rather, I’m referring to Star Wars creator George Lucas who in a recent interview as part of a panel for Star Wars Celebration 2019, revealed that Jar Jar Binks is, in fact, his favourite character of all in the Star Wars Universe. And especially praising actor Ahmed Best for his performance in the movie.

It’s not only his love for Jar Jar that might catch you off guard, as the director also revealed how The Phantom Menace remains one of his favourite movies in the franchise. Something which I guess is less surprising considering it does play an important role in understanding a lot of the politics that led to the rise of the Empire. Not to mention giving us one of the coolest Star Wars moments of all in that epic pod racing scene. But it’s also potentially the only Star War movie that could put you to sleep too.

Jar Jar Binks certainly gets a lot of flak from fans, not just for his buffoonery in Episode 1, but I guess more importantly for that moment in Episode 3 where he agrees to hand control over to Emperor Palpatine, not quite knowing that he was, in fact, Darth Sidious himself. Still, as bad a rap as the movies gave the reputation of Jar Jar Binks it is something which the books and comics have been trying to rectify in giving his character a much more positive spin.

Firstly in the comic book collection Star Wars: Age of Republic Special which made Jar Jar a hero in the Clone Wars, and also Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath book trilogy which revealed what happened to Jar Jar in the wake of the Emperor’s defeat in Return of the Jedi. It paints him as a tragic figure who was ostracized by society and beset by terrible guilt over the role that he played in aiding Palpatine’s rise to power in the first place.

So, do you share Lucas’ view that Jar Jar Binks deserves a better rep or do you still place him at the bottom of the bin of Star Wars characters? And while we’re on the topic, who is your favourite Star Wars character?

Last Updated: April 16, 2019

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