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Doc Who concept art (9)

One thing that I love about the more modern Doctor Who, is just how imaginative the sets and design of the show has become. Thanks to CGI technology and the BBC only handing out so much cash, there’s a good balance between practical and special effects.

And thanks to artists such as Matt Savage, that wibbly wobbly vision looks even better with each and every new season of the show.

Check out the art of Matthew Savage, who happens to have worked on plenty of films such as Kick-Ass, Prometheus and The Dark Knight. Savage has been submitting Doctor Who art ever since the series relaunched, resulting in TARDIS control rooms such as this:

Doc Who concept art (2)

Doc Who concept art (1)

New designs for the Matt Smith era TARDIS interior (I LOVE the round things!):

Doc Who concept art (3)

The jagged, silver interior is my personal favourite TARDIS room, next to the Paul McGann one from the 1996 movie:

Doc Who concept art (4)

Doc Who concept art (5)

Doc Who concept art (7)

Doc Who concept art (6)

Doc Who concept art (8)

And of course, some spine-tingling Dalek and Cybermen concept art:

Doc Who concept art (10)

Doc Who concept art (11)

Doc Who concept art (12)

Doc Who concept art (13)

And last but certainly not least, a new look for the lost founder of Time Lord society and science, Omega:

Doc Who concept art (14)

There’s a ton more on the professional Matt Savage site, and on his blog. And I hope that Savage will be sticking around for a lot longer in the future of Doctor Who, so that we can see more of this beautiful art.

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Last Updated: February 12, 2014

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