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Get on board with this trailer for acclaimed Korean zombie flick TRAIN TO BUSAN

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If you’re an MMA afficionado like I am, then you would know that “Korean Zombie” is the nickname of popular UFC fighter Chang Sung Jung. Despite the slightly misleading headline, Train to Busan is in fact not a movie about the featherweight martial artist. The movie does kick just as much ass though. At least that’s the word on the street as this zombie apocalypse horror film has just been racking up the accolades all over the world, as it breaks records – it’s the first Korean film in 2016 to draw over 10 million filmgoers.

You can see some of these previously mentioned glowing testimonials in this newly released trailer below, which gives you a hint of the intensity. It plays a bit like the love child of SnowpiercerThe Host and World War Z and I am most definitely down with that. Check it out below.

A mysterious viral outbreak pushes Korea into a state of emergency. The government declares martial law just as divorced Seok-woo and his daughter catch the KTX bullet train from Seoul to Busan to see her mother. But someone on the journey has been recently infected sending the hurtling carriages into complete chaos. As the living dead transform the voyage into a nightmare excursion, father and daughter and a small group of uninfected passengers must fight for survival. Get on board to stay alive!

The Korean film industry is one of the most underrated markets out there, as they have been producing hard hitting gems for decades now. They especially seem to have a grasp of producing horror/monster movies layers in social commentary. Though you can’t really get that from this trailer, reviews all indicated that Train to Busan is once again one of these horrors that make you think as much as it makes you jump. And I can’t wait to check it out.

Train to Busan is actually the live action feature film directing debut Yeon Sang-ho, who has thus far only worked in animation. It stars Yoo Gong (The Suspect, Silenced), Yu-mi Jeong (Silenced, Chaw, A Bittersweet Life), Ma Dong-seok (Midnight FM, The Good, The Bad and The Weird), and An So-hee (Hellcats, Entourage).

It gets a limited international release on October 28, 2016. Unfortunately South Africa is not on that list, but I’m going to keep an eye out for when it eventually hits home release.


Last Updated: October 25, 2016

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