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Gimme Fue, gimme faih, gimme METALLICA THROUGH THE NEVER

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Remember when Metallica announced that they would be making a 3D movie? Yeah, me neither. But it happened! And it’s been chugging along, with Nimrod “Predators” Antal directing and hitting the scripts for the project. Called Metallica: Through the Never, the film takes a few cues from that 1991 song and plays out as part documentary, part fiction and all metal. More headbanging details after the jump.

Dane “Chronicle” Dehaan stars as a band crew member “who is sent out on an urgent mission while the band is playing a rousing live set in front of a sold-out crowd and unexpectedly finds his world turned completely upside down,” according to Slashfilm. I’m guessing that the band had a sudden urge to only eat brown M and M’s . The film also sees the return of Picturehouse, a distributor that dealt out some serious indie hits in recent years, in the form of Pan’s Labyrinth, Drive and Black Dynamite.

Moving on, here’s a syrupy press release filled with all sorts of buzz-words and catch-phrases:

Picturehouse, the full-service independent film marketing and distribution company started in 2005, is reopening its doors with founder Bob Berney at the helm. Berney will serve as CEO and Jeanne Berney will serve as President of the relaunched company, which will continue to be based in New York.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be back in business under the Picturehouse banner,” said Mr. Berney, who recently acquired the trademark and logo from Warner Bros. “We worked very hard to build it into a brand known for acquiring exciting, challenging and entertaining films from the U.S. and around the world, and helping them find their audiences.”

Picturehouse’s first new release will be Metallica Through The Never a feature film starring members of the iconic rock band and Dane DeHaan (Chronicle, The Amazing Spider-Man 2). DeHaan plays a young band crew member who is sent out on an urgent mission while the band is playing a rousing live set in front of a sold-out crowd and unexpectedly finds his world turned completely upside down. The film, written and directed by Nimród Antal (Kontroll, Predators), is due in theaters August 9. One of the bestselling rock acts of all time, Metallica has sold over 105 million albums worldwide.

“Nim and the band have made a film that really captures the spirit of Metallica and their millions of loyal fans,” said Mr. Berney. “It’s an entertaining genre film with a concert inside it, a fun ride featuring an exciting young actor, Dane DeHaan. It’s a very cool project to reboot Picturehouse with.”

Added Metallica drummer and founding member Lars Ulrich: “Metallica’s way of doing things is to jump into unexplored creative endeavors with no safety net whatsoever. Putting this movie together for the last couple of years has been a pretty wild ride, and we’ve definitely done our share of flying without a net! Bringing Bob and Jeanne and the new Picturehouse team in at this point provides us with a much needed level of security for the distribution of the film. Their spirit of independence and desire to work outside the box is something we can relate to in every way, and this makes them both a welcome addition and a natural fit in the Metallica family.”

Nimrod brought out a damn good film in Predators a few years ago, so I’ve got faith that he can deliver when dealing with the jibba jabba jaiah lyrics of Metallica. And having a talented actor such as Dane Dehaan in your corner doesn’t hurt your chances at all.

The film is due out in August, after some post-production, so keep an eye out for this one and don’t forget to bring your zippo lighters to the party.

Last Updated: January 16, 2013


  1. Gareth Breydenbach

    January 16, 2013 at 14:36

    Cant wait for the 27th of April


    • Sir Rincethis

      January 16, 2013 at 15:09

      Ah man, I can’t wait till the 24th;) AWESOMENESS!


      • Andre116

        January 16, 2013 at 15:51

        I’ll see you there! I’ll wear a baby blue my Little Pony t-shirt so that you’ll be able to spot me easier in the sea of black.


        • Sir Rincethis

          January 16, 2013 at 16:29

          I’ll be in the golden circle though, to keep away from riff raff like you…


  2. Sir Rincethis

    January 16, 2013 at 15:10

    This could be very interesting. Certainly going to be better than ‘Some kind of monster’, which should have been called ‘Some kind of shit’, rather let down by that overly childish doco. Gods I am looking forward to seeing them in April!


  3. GooseZA

    January 16, 2013 at 16:48

    +10 points for the brown M&M’s reference


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