GODZILLA is about to get some Breaking Bad talent

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Nothing can stop Godzilla yo. The king of the monsters has been kicking ass for decades now, and we’ve thrown everything from tanks and jets at the atomic lizard, to big bombs, robot dopplegangers and a giant moth. And he still wins, every single time!

Time for a new strategy then. One that involves chemicals. Groovy chemicals hopefully, which is why Walter White is joining the anti-Godzilla task force. I think.

The Gareth Edwards directed reboot has secured the talents of Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, and Elizabeth” Silent House” Olsen. Well, almost. The two are in talks right now to join the production, according to Variety, which will be deeveloped by Legendary Films and distributed by Warner Bros.

Cranston has been picking up rave reviews for his work in Breaking Bad since 2008, and also popped up on the big screen recently in that other reboot, Total Recall, as well as the much more critically-lauded Argo, which was directed by Ben “Oscar snubbed” Affleck.

Olsen debuted in Silent House and will also be popping up in another remake of sorts, Spike Lee’s Old Boy. She’s got the acting chops to play any character from lead to shrieking bystander, but then again, screaming like Kervyn when he gets a song stuck in his head isn’t too difficult actually.

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Warner Bros is laying down quite a bit of cash for Godzilla, and they’re hoping to make it a summer blockbuster when it arrives next year.

Last Updated: February 7, 2013

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