GOTG director confirms Vin Diesel will be Groot, again

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In news that shocked no one but Trevor (because he was busy licking the remains of the peanut butter out of its jar) much-loved Director James Gunn has confirmed on his Facebook page that Vin Diesel will be returning to Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 to reprise his role as the barking (get it?!) mad Groot. This came after a fan asked him whether Diesel would reprise the role in GOTG 3 and then quickly corrected himself saying the 3 was s typo. Of course the internet being the internet went mental with ‘confirmation’ of a third movie. Gunn quickly clarified things by explaining Diesel would be back, but in the second movie as the third hasn’t been confirmed (riiiiight).

Mild SPOILER from the first movie ahead!

Of course we are not quite sure how big the tree/ent/thing will be this time round, what with being smashed to pieces in the first movie, but you can be assured that the Diesel will be saying ‘I am Groot’ another thousand times. Interestingly he also said it in a whole bunch of other languages, including French, Spanish, Russian and even Mandarin (no, not THAT Mandarin!).

I have to give it to both the director and the actor for embracing the CGI role as a full on cast member (much like Bradley Cooper’s Rocket Raccoon). The difference of course being that Raccoon actually speaks and using library clips would be pretty difficult; using one of the 1000 lines of ‘I am Groot’, not so much. I think we can all agree that Diesel has cemented himself in the role now and that his voice IS Groot. I mean, can you imagine anyone else’s voice being used? Woody Allen? No?

Last Updated: August 27, 2015

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