The GOTHAM series will be another Batman origin tale

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When it was first pitched, I kinda dug the idea of Gotham. A Batman spin-off without Batman? Hell, the caped crusader has enough interesting characters in his city to actually justify that. After all, imagine a crime series following the exploits of the Gotham City police department as they tackle everything from the violent serial killings of the Calendar Man through to the twisted machinations of the Joker and the Penguin.

There’s some new word on the street regarding that series though. And it’s sounding like a young Bruce Wayne will indeed be present. As will several other elements that I’m not too keen on.

According to Hitfix, police office James Gordon will still be the star of the show, but there’ll be a lot more Bruce Wayne inside of it as the young orphan starts training to rid Gotham of crime. As FOX’s Kevin Reilly described the series:

We see Detective Gordon, before he’s a commissioner, all the characters you know, Bruce Wayne, the Penguin, all of them. It’s Gotham teetering on the edge, and we see what makes these characters become who they are, [like] Catwoman. It’s an operatic soap that has a slightly larger-than-life quality to it.

Please don’t let this be another Smallville. As much as I dig the character of Superman, I hated the Smallville series which consisted of ten seasons of a brooding Clark Kent getting grumpy about the fact that he could never get past any base with Lana Lang.

The exec elaborated a bit more on how they would choose their new Bruce:

…we’re playing with [age] in casting… [Bruce will be a] young boy; my guess would be somewhere around 12.

And while Batman won’t be around at the beginning of the show, Reilly said that we’ll see Batman at ”the end of the series.” I’m not saying that these are bad ideas, but they are just unnecessary. Everyone knows the origin of Batman by now. We’ve seen several films elaborate on it, and Batman Begins gave the definitive origin story. I’m dreading that this will be a Smallville version of Gotham, where an older Bruce Wayne eventually begins courting a romance between some plucky young reporter investigating the death of his parents while also getting some tail with Catwoman as he patrols Gotham.

A Batman show without Batman is not a bad idea, and could be a ton more interesting, believe it or not. And if you had to have Batman in the series, I’d be more interested in seeing an older Bruce Wayne than a tween. Look at Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s recent run in Batman comics, called Zero Year. It’s one of the best origin stories out there, and sets up so much of the lore of Gotham perfectly.

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I’d pay good money to watch a weekly version of that or Gotham Central if I could.

Last Updated: January 14, 2014

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