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Here’s the Disney Infinity Spider-Gwen figure that almost was

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Just last week I was lamenting the demise of Disney Infinity and how the cancellation of that toys-to-life franchise meant that we’d never get our hands on a completely adorable Infinity version of Benedict Cucumberpatch’s Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. Numerous figures were being developed before Disney Infinity was cancelled, but they all got scrapped in the end. Including one very cool alternate arachnid-themed superhero from another universe who has developed her own cult of fandom as of late.

Spider-Gwen. According to Infiniteers Adventures, the alternate universe Gwen Stacy who became the sensational hero of her timeline would have also been available eventually as an Infinity figure. Here’s what said figure could have looked like:

Spider-Gwen (1)

Wondering who this character is? Well let ol’ D fill ya in! Spider-Gwen is the Gwen Stacy of Earth-65 prior to the Secret Wars reshuffling of dimensions, who was bitten by a certain radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. Granted amazing arachnid powers, she got her hands on a sweet new costume and web-shooters from former Wasp Janet Van Dyne, started fighting crime and establishing herself as the Spider-Woman.

Just like Parker however, her initial foray into web-slinging wasn’t exactly altruistic. Spider-Gwen was in it for the fame and fortune, as maintaining her profile was more important than actually helping people. Fortunately, her motivation to actually be responsible with her power, didn’t come from the death of a family member but from hearing her father talk about how he thought this Spider-Woman could actually help society instead of it exploit people for her own gain.

Spider-Gwen (2)

Also, she’s a musician in a band called the Mary Janes and they RAWK all night long, sweet Suzy. She’s a fantastic character overall, with an unbelievably dedicated cosplay cult. And far more effective as a heroine than as a dead reminder about how necks can’t support being caught by a web-line when they’re travelling at terminal velocity.

Seriously, Google up Spider-Gwen cosplay and you’ll see that her fans easily outnumber any army of red spandex-clad Deadpools out there. And now I’m sad that there’s another cool Marvel figure that I’ll never get my hands on. Cue the sad Hulk music.

Last Updated: June 27, 2016

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