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Here's to your mothers in this new trailer for ADORE

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There is many a porno that owes their “script” to the assumption that all young men want to jump the bones of their friends’ hot mothers. Hell, there is even a term for it: MILF. This expression is usually followed by somebody, drinking beer out of a red plastic cup, fist bumping with his bro. Unfortunately, outside of porno’s and R-rated comedies, when an older woman sleeps with her son’s best friend it can get rather creepy. Especially when said best friend’s mom, is also bumping uglies with the first woman’s son.

Confused? Just watch this new trailer for Adore, which sees Naomi Watts and Robin Wright getting a little too cozy with each other’s respective sons.

Naomi Watts and Robin Wright deliver riveting performances in “Adore,” a sensual and provocative drama about two lifelong friends who find unexpected happiness in relationships that cross the bounds of convention. An unpredictable tale of misguided love and a heartfelt celebration of the enduring nature of female friendship, “Adore” is the English-speaking directorial debut of Anne Fontaine.

Adore premiered earlier in the year at the Sundance Film Festival, and a limited release has been scheduled for September 8, 2013.

Last Updated: July 2, 2013

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