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How story is central to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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For the better part of last week I was whisked away to sunny Warsaw, Poland, for a very special visit to one of the country’s greatest exports: CD Projekt Red and their Witcher franchise. Aside from getting to visit the famed studio in person, I got a decent amount of hands-on time with the game, as well as a little time to chat with the game’s Director, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz.

After experiencing the game for the first time, I had a few questions to ask regarding how closely packed him and his team were keeping the story, and how it fit in with the new, open-world approach of this final Witcher chapter. Konrad went into detail about how the main story and side-quests interweave into one another, with smaller actions that Geralt takes having a great impact on the core narrative players will follow. This fits into the game’s micro-narratives, which are created around settlements that you visit.

The evolution of the Sign system was also a major talking point, since magic was more of a toy than a necessity in the previous title. Konrad explained how his team acknowledge this and set out to create a system more crucial to success. It comes down to making players feel like they’re a Witcher, with all of these tools at their disposal. Players will still have to favourite Swordplay, Magic or Alchemy over one another for effective builds, but Konrad believes that this time each one is as viable as the last.

Wrapping up with the twelve year Witcher veteran, I asked whether this is really the last time we’d see a Witcher game for the Polish studio. With a slight shrug, Konrad didn’t really give a definite answer, but did make it clear that most of the team were now tired of the setting. There’s still the potential for more stories in this world, but this is very much Geralt’s last ride.

As for possible future games though, that’s still up in the air. But they’re certainly not going to visit it anytime soon – especially with Cyberpunk 2077 now looming.

Last Updated: April 28, 2015

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