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I become, perhaps, a bit too enthusiastic about new operating systems – sometimes to my detriment. In the past, I gleefully loaded up now-dead OS’ like BeOS just because, and I’ve developed a bit of a cavalier attitude to installing new iterations of Windows. This is how I ended up with Windows ME on my system once. It’s also how I ended up with Windows 8 installed, before that Os was patched up and worthwhile. So yes, I’m rather excited for Windows 10, which launches worldwide today.

The operating system is being released, uncharacteristically, as a free upgrade to those running legitimate copies Windows 7 or 8. Previous reports of it being offered to those running unlicensed copies Windows weren’t exactly true; while pirates will be able to update to Windows 10, their copies will remain unlicensed. Apparently.

Anyway, Windows 10 goes live today as a free update – but it’s rolling out over the next few days to users who’ve reserved their copies, and later to those who weren’t as bold or enthusiastic. Blending the best of Windows 7 with the best of Windows 8, plus a whole lot more including DirectX 12 and the digital personal assistant Cortana, there’s a lot of good reasons for a gamer to upgrade to Windows 10.

Not sure if your update is coming through, or want to fast track your update? Easy. Hit a command prompt as admin, and type in: wuauclt.exe /updatenow and the update will begin in a minute or two. Easy peasy. You may need to complete some previous updates to kickstart the process, but for us it was instantaneous.

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If you’d like, you can also use the ISO tool. 


In his review of Windows 10, Paul Thurrott was rather bullish.

“Windows 10 is superior to both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and its user experience works as well or better on the different Windows device types—traditional PC form factors for Windows 7 and “touch-first” devices like tablets and 2-in-1s for Windows 8.1—than do its predecessors. But Windows 10 also exceeds Windows 7 and 8.1 in other ways, with an evolved universal apps platform that all users (and developers) can embrace, cross-platform chops that are unparalleled on other mobile and desktop computing systems, and an adaptable, user-focused user interface that can be customized to your liking at every step of the way. And it respects the way you work, whether that’s keyboard and mouse, touch, pen/stylus, or any combination of those things.

I am ecstatic to see the Windows team finally listening to its customers, and it has delivered a wonderful gift here, especially to those who felt that Windows 8 did not meet their needs. In combining the best of Windows 7 with the best of Windows 8.1, Microsoft has turned the page on a disappointment and done right by all of us.”

Will you be updating today (like I will!) or are you going to be sensible and wait for the first service pack?

Last Updated: July 29, 2015

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