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Hulu reduces price of its lowest subscription tier

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The streaming wars are heating up. It was just recently that Netflix decided to increase the price of their US subscriptions to allow them to fund more and better content for their growing number of viewers. Now, we have Hulu also making a price change, but in the opposite direction as they have decided to reduce the subscription fee of their lowest price offering.

Hulu’s lowest viewing tier, which compensates its lowered subscription with ads (something which UK people don’t want to happen to Netflix) has seen its price lowered from $7.99 to $5.99 for a monthly subscription fee. The news from Hulu also indicates that this lowered price isn’t going to mean more inconveniencing ads, as the company says that the number of ads they can expect will remain unchanged. It’s a good move from the company who definitely needs to up its game in its big competition with the likes of Netflix and Amazon and while they might not have all the new content that those bigger companies are bringing in – the lower price point should help to attract a lot of extra viewers, especially for those looking at a second or third option away from those big players.

Hulu has already offered the lower price point for a short trial period with great success seeing a growth in interest in the platform, so they are confident that this could translate in the long-term to even greater viewership numbers. Its worth noting that the more expensive packages from Hulu, which do away with the annoying advertisements, remain unchanged.

Ads are annoying and not something I particularly like when I just want to be entertained, but if significantly reduces the price of entry, it certainly makes it an attractive option. Keep the ad numbers down – and I could live with it.

Last Updated: January 24, 2019

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