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Hulu’s Animaniacs mocks Donald Trump, anime, and reboots in a new trailer

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Reboots have become such an integral part of the entertainment landscape, that you’d have to be a fool to not throw a beloved property back into development for a second chance at glory. Animation has been particularly good at this, with a new Duck Tales, She-Ra, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles taking advantage of modern techniques to tell surprisingly great and relevant stories.

But did any of those cartoons feature pure piss-taking shenanigans and an incredibly intelligent mouse craving world domination? I say thee nay. Animaniacs is finally making a return after 22 years, restoring the Warner Brothers (And their sister Dot!) back to prime-time glory. Last week’s teaser which riffed on Jurassic Park was a positive indication that the series hasn’t lost any of its edge, and as the latest trailer shows off, it’s still a knockout two decades later:

It’s still too early to see if the new series is as good as the original, but if the latest 13-episode run manages to mix zany to the max antics with surprisingly witty commentary and a dirty joke about fignerprints, I’m game for it. Plus I can’t wait to see how the Warners lampoon Donald Trump, who pops up as a grotesque cyclops in the trailer. Plus Pinky and the Brain! Always good to see those two back. ZORT!

Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation is handling production duty on this reboot, Steven Spielberg has reportedly had a heavy hand in resurrecting the beloved trio. By the look of the trailer as well, it also seems like the other and incredibly lamer Animaniacs won’t be back, save for a cameo from the Goodfeathers. GOOD. Buttons should have let Mindy fall off a cliff ages ago and saved himself grief.

The new run puts baloney in its slacks and signs a new contract, next month on Hulu.

Last Updated: October 22, 2020

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