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Hush up and watch this new A Quiet Place 2 trailer

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The horror genre doesn’t often see a lot of innovation, as most films rely on the same tried and tested formulas to generate creepy tension and jump scares. This is what made Paramount’s A Quiet Place – directed by John Krasinski who starred alongside his wife Emily Blunt – such a breath of fresh air as it forced you to literally stop chewing your popcorn thanks to its excellent sound design ramping up all those scares.

Audiences have been eagerly awaiting its sequel, which was supposed to release in March of last year before Covid-19 put schedules in perpetual turmoil. Paramount has decided that the time is finally right to release the movie, which is now coming at the end of this month. Ro ensure people are willing to risk entering a cinema to see it, the studio has released a new trailer to ease you into its unique blend of audio suspense:

Perhaps most surprising in this trailer is the appearance once again of John Krasinski, clearly in flashback sequences that will perhaps give us more insight into exactly how these mysterious and murderous alien creatures arrived. Otherwise, the film looks to do exactly what sequels normally do and that is to drive up the size of the scares and expand the cast. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, as this trailer shows that a lot of what made the first film so impressive is back for this movie.

Whereas most films are releasing in cinemas alongside a streaming launch, Paramount is going to wait a full 45 days before it brings the sequel to its Paramount+ digital platform. Could this be the movie that brings more people back into cinemas? Well, it’s unlikely to expect it to make anywhere near as much money as the first movie did, but with a smaller budget than many other box office tentpoles, it’s perhaps a safer bet from the studio.

A Quiet Place: Part II arrives on May 28.

Last Updated: May 7, 2021

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