I really thought KILL COMMAND would be terrible, but this looks awesome

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When it comes to killer robots, I’m not overly concerned that the machines will turn against us. Rather, I’m more worried that some nut case collects their own robot army. For all we know, Kim Jong-un is at this moment personally whipping scientists to build the People’s reponse to Atlas.

But in the meantime the idea of AI gone bezerk is a popular science fiction trope, one that has inspired a legion of sad films. I was ready to discard Kill Command into that pile, joining the recent Robot Overlords. But this trailer shows something with a lot of promise…

The Predator undertones are unmistakable, but it’s those special effects that really make this stand out. That might not be a surprise: according to the movie profile, this will be the debut film from Steven Gomez, better known for his VFX work. But this does not look big enough to hit a cinema anywhere near you soon, so maybe hold out for a DVD or VOD release in the near future. Those in the UK will be luckier: Kill Command opens there on 13 May.

Last Updated: March 14, 2016

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