I vant to suck…Your blood! Yep, it's ANOTHER Dracula reboot.

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Despite it’s best attempts at killing a movie genre, it looks like Twilight did not spell the end for the infamous blood-suckers.

While Universal Pictures has got the ball rolling with their Bram Stoker influenced reboot of the legendary Count Dracula with Year Zero, Sony is laso readying their wooden stakes and garlic cloves for their version of the original Nosferatu, which will be totally different, for realisies.

With a script from Machine Gun Preacher and Mirror Mirror scribe Jason Kelly, the Sony version will also put their own spin the origins of the impalerrific prince. According to Deadline, the Sony Dracula film will be a period piece, and will be designed to be the first in a franchise should it be successful at the box office.

Veteran Joe Roth is a lock for directing and casting duties, but he’s going to have some stiff competition ahead of him, as in addition the Universal Pictures Dracula flick, Guillemero De Toro is also looking at adapting the Strain novels for the big screen.

Do too many bites spoil the Van Helsing? Who knows, but it’ll be interesting to compare this Drac pack when the individual films eventually arrive.


Last Updated: February 28, 2012

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