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If you watch this trailer for EQUALS there's no turning back

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Bvvvvvvv. In a world where emotion has been eradicated! BVVVVVVVV Where feelings are illegal! BVVVVV A world where every sense, is an offence BVVVVV. Where Christian Bale does the most awesome gun kata the world has ever seen and sticks it to the man, quite literally! ED: Nick, wrong movie! Oops, sorry! Let’s start again…

A new movie from Moon screenwriter Nathan Parker looks almost identical to the awesome movie Equilibrium, only it more than likely doesn’t have katanas, Sean Bean dying (again), or Batman Christian Bale. It does have Nicholas Hoult (Warm Bodies) and The Twilight (spits) Saga‘s Kristen Stewart, an actress who is stepping back into a role where she shouldn’t be falling in love because that’s what she knows both on set and off (ohhh, too soon?). Equals is sent in a future where emotions are banned, blocked and removed by drugs. Of course in this oppressive environment you are most certainly not allowed to fall in love, but when a virus that allows people to feel breaks out (eh?) our star-crossed lovers stand against their family and, wait, wrong script!

I must say that not much is making me want to watch this, even for the bald Ethan Hawke who I have always thought awesome. Have a watch and see what you think.

It looks, familiar. The trailer comes from A24 and is directed by Drake Doremus (Like Crazy) and has a whole lot of borrowed conventions that I can’t muster a care about. Still, I am sure it’s a movie that Trevor can shed some tears over on a Friday night.

Expect gun kata angst from 25 July.

Last Updated: April 19, 2016


  1. Shed tears? Is it a comedy?


  2. Unavengedavo

    April 20, 2016 at 08:52

    This could be a spiritual prequel to Equilibrium? O_o


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