In Other News – 09 December 2014

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One advantage to living in a coastal town, is the fact that our seafood is pretty damn fresh. It also means that we get some great stuff, like Calamari, Hake and prawns. V***IN PRAWNS! That means that we have quite a few local seafood joints here. And one of the specialties on the menu, is aquatic infanticide.

Or to be precise, grilled/fried baby squid. It sounds horrible in that context, but once you’ve shaken your doubts off like a British nanny shakes an infant, you’re in for a treat. Somehow, those tidbits of squid explode with flavour, and when prepared in a proper manner with lemon and butter sauces, you’ll want to eat nothing else. Which is why I’m now demanding that the ocean pay me my tribute of baby squids for supper. May the odds be ever in your favour, oh humble ocean.

In Other News: More like an Uncharted Bore, the art of Far Cry 4, Destiny has some Sparrows to race and patches galore.

Here’s the news we didn’t post today, because we were too busy playing Blitzball. Mon.


Dragon Age Inquisition patch drops tomorrow, does not increase banter rate
H1Z1 coming to Steam Early Accesss in January
Civilization: Beyond Earth gets first major post launch balancing patch
Destiny Sparrow racing has been discussed, says Bungie rep
Europe gets Pokémon Pinball this week on Wii U
Endless Space series crosses one million copies sold
Prehistoric game Before looks magnificent
Destiny progress will carry over to sequel, Bungie says


Uncharted Bore?
The beautiful art of Far Cry 4
What today’s Space Sims can learn from Colony Wars
The Counter Strike player who’s giving up a $7500 gun collection


What’s on at The Movies

Kickboxer adds Gina Carano to its cast
SyFy to develop Krypton TV series
And the winners of the Cape Town IMAX launch are…
Mark Hammill tricks his way back into The Flash
Ant Man finishes filming
Producer Dean Devlin talks Independence Day sequel
This trailer for It Follows really loves you
Josh Brolin talks Thanos, hints at future in Avengers: Infinity War


Last Updated: December 9, 2014

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