In Other News – 24 March 2014

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This weekend, I achieved a new milestone in growing up. I managed to fix a straight piece of wood to my wall, and not set the room on fire. It was worth the effort though, because my collection of consoles look downright sexy on display now. Plus, space! SPA-ACE!

In Other News: VR is here to stay, the Atari graveyard will be dug up soon, Endless Legend arrives soon and get on up with Ecko again.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy a carpenter, without the need for crappy music.


VR is here to stay says CCP
Original Hotline Miami coming to PS4
Atari graveyard dig to proceed once NMED concerns are addressed
Bioshock Infinite DLC achievements/trophies revealed
Endless Legend enters early access next month
Ecko Unlimited teases a sequel to getting up
Zombies Monsters Robots revealed, spiritual successor to Mercenary Ops
BulletStorm inexplicably yanked from Steam


The 3DS so rare that Nintendo only made one of them
Surviving human nature in Facepunch’s endurance test, Rust
Retrospective: Robotron 2084
There’s so much to eat and drink in Titanfall


Unreal Engine 4 – Tools demonstration
Reign Maker – Debut trailer
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the father 20th anniversary edition – Debut trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Small Screen Schedule
Sony is gonna call Phil Lord and Chris Miller for the Ghostbusters movie
This trailer for Step Up: All in will probably end in a great big dance battle
Monday Box Office Report – The Muppets diverge
Fox sets release dates for the Wolverine sequel and the Fantastic Four reboot
Rumour – CGI may be used for Paul Walker’s scenes in Fast and Furious 7
The game is always being played in this second red band trailer for Filth

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Last Updated: March 24, 2014

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