In Other News – December 7, 2010

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So apparently Nick is still pretending to be dying, Geoff is doing the work of 4 men and Miklos is on strike until he receives a raise or those dodgy photo’s Geoff took off me neither of which is going to happen so ION falls to me today.

Unfortunately since I spent the entire day reading the conspiracy theories around Julian Asange’s recent arrest I don’t have any great stories to thrill you with, apart from…

If the conspiracy theories were true Mr Asange wouldn’t be being charged with rape he would be 6 foot under and his doppelganger would be retracting all the information on Wikileaks and claiming it all to be bogus.


Kinect’s Future is brightest of all
8 Unforgettable Videogame sex scenes (NSFW)
GT5 gets a damage update
Black Ops replaces GT5 on top of the sales charts
Raven Software making a stealth based bond game
Blizzard says they don’t have enough bandwidth for Warcraft 4


GameState Awards – Best Overall Production 2010
Pach-Attack – The PSP2 will be dead on arrival
RTS mixed with FPS = Warsoup


Super Meat Boy PC Boxart
Interview with Blizzard Co-Founder about WoW

Header: Just for Geoff – Pointy eared ladies

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