Incinerate the bad people with this promo poster for TRANSFORMERS 4! Also Michael Bay spills some details on his final robot exploderthon

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No, you did not read that incorrectly. Despite it only being slated for release in 2014, the promotional campaign for Michael Bay’s final Transformers film is already under way. At this rate, I’m expecting that by the time 2014 rolls around, they’ll just be beaming explosions into your eyeballs 24/7.

For now though we’ll have to be content with just some declarations of incineration. Get this and more details of how Bay is going to shake things up on his robotic swan song, after the jump.

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While speaking to Hero Complex recently about Universal Studios’ Transformers – The Ride, the master of Baysplosions also dropped some hints about the fourth film, confirming that this will be his final jaunt with the product placement shape-changing robots, but this will not be the end of the franchise as this film will setup a brand new trilogy, which a “new guy” (Battleship’s Peter Berg anyone?) will have to finish off.

Bay also indicated that there would be some changes in the form of some of the classic robots getting a redesign, as well as a few new robotic faces making an appearance.

Speaking of new faces, if you’re a fan of Shia Lebeouf’s coked up Sam Witwicky, then I have some bad news for you as it’s been confirmed that this movie will feature an all new human cast. Maybe you can console yourself with Shia’s penis?

Last Updated: June 20, 2012

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