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Indulge in some "Extreme Easy Living" with this deleted scene from WRECK-IT RALPH

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Wreck-It Ralph is a very touchy subject around here. Mention the critically acclaimed animated movie – as well as the fact that Brave beat it at the Oscars – around these parts, and Darryn goes all HULK SMASH! Okay, so it’s more like SLOTH LAY THERE! but his intentions are serious, yo!

We absolutely adored the videogame-centric animated film, especially how they satirized a couple of gaming franchises that we loved/loved to hate. But there was apparently an additional world to the three that Ralph explores in the movie, but which ended up on the cutting room floor. That world was ‘Extreme Easy Living 2’.


Slashfilm spoke to the movie’s director, Rich Moore, last year where he described how they ended up stuck with this extra world, and why they ended up not using it.

“There was like a whole other world… “Easy Living 2”, that we wanted Ralph to go to that we were not able to use, because it was just too much. So we are just sort of keeping it on the side and it’s like we would love to use that again, but we never said like “Okay, that’s for the sequel.” It just goes on to the side and then as it starts to come up like “what are we going to do?” “Well, there’s Easy Living 2… Extreme Easy Living 2 was a good idea…”

“Oh it was like a world… (Laughs) Totally inappropriate for an arcade, because there would never be a game like this in an arcade, but it was like a cross between The Sims and Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row where it was this very debauched just lawless kind of world, a social gaming world where people were blowing things up and it’s just what you would see in that type of world where it all took place in a place that looked like Miami Beach or something and it was where Ralph kind of hit his lowest of the low points where he kind of went to die basically. You get the feeling like if he hung around there much longer he was going to die of alcohol poisoning or something. (Laughs)”

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that “Hero dies of alcohol poisoning” is not high up on the list of “Kid’s Favourite Scenes in a Disney Movie”. The idea of “Extreme Easy Living 2” was abandoned, but not before an animated storyboard vid was designed for it, which has now been released for your viewing pleasure.

Wreck-It Ralph is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Last Updated: June 5, 2013

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