Ip Man returns in this trailer for THE GRANDMASTERS

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Gentlemen, hold onto your potatoes, because Ip Man is back! Who is Ip Man, you ask? Sir, I pity you. If you haven’t yet seen some of Donnie Yen and his lightning quick fists, head on over to this article, and scroll down to number 9. We’ll wait right here.

Finished? Good. Want more period Chinese ass-kick Kung Fu but with a different set of actors? Fine, here ya go!

The Grandmasters has been in development for quite a while now, as Wong Kar Wai has been creating yet another take on the fabled historical figure in Chinese culture.

Principal production wrapped up over a year ago, but since then, Wai has been in the editing room, tweaking and tinkering with the film to get his vision produced. It seems that he may finally be finished though, as The Grandmasters is now locked in for 2013 release date for the rest of the world, while China gets the movie as an early Christmas present.

Sure, the trailer may be in Chinese, but a fist to the face is universal in any language. It’s got drama and action, and the entire product looks gorgeous so far. It’s pretty much clear that Wai hasn’t been twiddling his thumbs for the past year then.

Last Updated: November 6, 2012

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